Subway Sri Lanka

Gingering up Colombo’s fast food arena with scrumptious flavours from ‘Subway’, the renowned American submarine franchise, ‘Subway Sri Lanka’ offers up an array of Do It Yourself Sandwiches, at Colpetty, Fort, Mount Lavinia and Rajagiriya.

The Menu

Celebrated around the world for its customized sandwich offerings, patrons at ‘Subway Sri Lanka’ are invited to choose from a host of freshly-baked breads, gourmet cheeses, lean meats, nutritious veggies and condiments, which the sandwich artists will later turn into delectable sandwiches. From Vegetarian Subs, such as the Ala Patty, Veggie Delite and Veggie Patty to Chicken Subs, such as the Roast Chicken, Smoked Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki, Black Pepper Chicken and Red Chili Chicken, selections are indulgent.

Featured in the gourmet collection is the Subway Club which offers a host of smoked chicken, roast beef and turkey and the eclectic treat, Steak and Cheese Sub. Encapsulating delicious Italian flavours, the sandwich house crafts up juicy delights, such as the Italian B.M.T Sub which bristles with beef salami, beef pepperoni and smoked chicken and the Meatball Marinara Sub packed with spicy, succulent meatballs. The Beef Salami Wrap, Veggie Patty Wrap and Smoked Chicken Wrap are other gastronomic highlights at ‘Subway Sri Lanka’.

Conceptualizing itself around the theme of ‘nutritious fast food’, this fast food franchise also whips up an array of Salads which host the same flavour combinations as their Submarines. Being a favoured family dine-out, the kids’ range at ‘Subway Sri Lanka’ comprises paired meals which combine mini-burgers with cookies and milk packets. From Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Tea to Chilled Bottled Drinks and Juices, beverage choices are varied.

The Experience

Sporting a casual and cheerful vibe, ‘Subway Sri Lanka’ provides the perfect setting for family meals and quick bites in Colombo. The interiors are furnished with neatly-appointed fast food style tables and chairs. Good 1900’s and early 2000’s music plays in the background, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Whilst offering Combo Meals which partner up submarines with beverages, this submarine franchise also presents a range of promotions, including free giveaways and daily deals.

Between Chicken Pizziola and merry chatter with your best mates, the night sounds like a jolly dream. When it’s Friday evening, head on over to Subway.

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