Street Food Factory

The newest trend in the food and beverage dining experience; the Food Truck has taken a casual turn, serving delicious food that satisfies those looking for Burger and Kebab options here in Sri Lanka. Introducing the ‘Street Food Factory’, a brightly coloured, red food truck that’s parked in Kollupitiya, Colombo 3, a commercial hive of potential patrons, eager to get their fill of delicious food.

The Menu

If you have an obsession with Burgers and they are your favourite go-to food, then this is where you need to head on over to. The menu comprises of a variety of burgers, filled with patty, veggie and dressing combinations that can quell all hunger cravings, with a mouthful of juiciness and fresh, off the stove flavour.

Indulge in hot succulent chicken and mutton kebabs and grilled meat during your laid-back weekends. Bite into signature burgers heaped with tantalising fillings, like the mouthful of Double-Double Beef, along with a helping of lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and onions. Other fast food cuisine in their niche menu includes Hamburgers, Chicken Burgers, Cheese Burgers and the Cheesy Chicken. All these come with a combo deal if preferred. Hot and crunchy extras such as, Hand Crafted Potato Chips, Chilled Coca Cola or Pepsi and Homemade Sauces can be added or lathered on.

The Experience

Food trucks are the latest phenomena to hit Colombo’s food scene. It’s fast becoming a convenient and popular one, affording patrons a significantly different and enjoyable dining experience. A sense of freedom permeates along with the aromatic smells of fresh, thrown-together ingredients, from the culinary creative space on wheels, just a few feet away. Sit down at casually strewn tables and chairs, when having food under a clear blue sky or a star scattered one. The ‘Street Food Factory’, a fresh and new way to take a culinary drive.

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Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

05.30pm - 01.00am, Monday to Friday

05.30pm - 02.00am, Saturday and Sunday


Fast Food and Street Food

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