Smokestacks by Licensed to Grill

Slices of gastronomy, bursting with texture and flavour, crafted to perfection on a slow roast: at ‘Smokestacks by Licensed to Grill’, the House of Smoked Meat, the focus lies on the deep-veined art of grilling. Shifting their outlet from Kandy, which garnered quite a buzz for quality nosh presented street-side, ‘Smokestacks by Licensed to Grill’ settles along Cotta Road, Colombo 8; a fresh, new take on the dining concept that comes with a culinary haven of meat and a reputation behind the counter to back it up. Doors open exclusively for appointments. In the neighbourhood? Make that call.

The Menu

A specialty focus on meat feasts and the trappings that come with. Classic accompaniments are on the table, with eclectic mains thrown into the mix. Start off with the Salad Bar, lining up the green and veggie decked picks, Pasta or Sweet Potato Salad and the Chicken or Beef Salad or opt for a sharing appetizers; Chicken Wings or Potato Wedges. Pastas are an ode to the culinary truce of Italy; the Basil Pesto with Chicken or Beef reigns in flavour and the all-time favourite Creamy Mushroom Pasta beckons. Combos of veggie and meat, garnished to cater and packed in between wholesome bread; go for a Sandwich, be it the Smoked Chicken, Beef or Pork or the Grilled Mushroom.

House Specialties are a wrap on everything promised. Seasoned, then cooked on a slow roast, the pick of meat or seafood is tenderized to bring out the individual flavour within and tone it to the complementing dish. The Smoked Platter is the full house; generous helpings of all the specialty types of meat, settled by the side of salad and garlic bread. Playing up the senses in terms of colour, aroma and taste are Smoked Pork, Chicken or Beef or the Grilled Thalapath (Fish), offered up with a Starch, either Sweet Potato or Pasta Salad, Cheesy Pasta or the Mashed Potato and a Salad such as Green Salad with Mango Vinaigrette, Boiled Vegetables or Coleslaw.

In-house drink mixes are a hit; Virgin or Fruity Mojito or Ginger and Tamarind, while fizzy drinks cap on a gastronomical culinary extravaganza; Coke, Sprite and Ginger Beer.

The Experience

A rustic, homely ambience permeates through the sumptuous aroma-clad restaurant in Colombo. A setting that’s an ideal reflection of the culinary culture, with large, cosy swing sets hung from wooden beams adorned with fairy lights, intriguing graffiti and a chic yet casual feel seeping through; a promise of the gastronomy unfolding within yet at the same time, presenting a setting for one to kick back and relax in, while one waits. Here’s a hint; for a live demonstration of the culinary magic taking place, settle into comfort holds in the outdoor seating area, which affords a view of the large slow-roast stove, with wooden crates and a carving knife strategically positioned on a rock, adding to the overall effect.

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Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

10.00am - 10.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Continental and Italian

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