Siam House

Bristling with orchards bearing sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, rice fields yielding golden harvests and fishing hamlets flourishing on tropical canvasses, Siam has always occupied a special place in the world culinary map. Inspired by the intricate flavour combinations that has earned Thai cuisine an exotic reputation, the ‘Siam House’ arrays brilliant Thai gastronomic delights, for a discerning audience.

The Menu

The collection of starters offers up appetizers, such as Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Thai Prawn Cake and Savoury Potato Wedges; along with a host of Salads, including the Spicy Mango, Seafood Glass Noodle and Roast Beef, as well as, a choice of Soups, including the Chicken and Ginger, Tom Yum and Thai Coconut Pumpkin.

Transforming nature’s abundant harvest into delicious dishes, the plant food list at this famed family dine-out highlights indulgent names, such as the Pan-fried Kangkung, Hot Butter Mushroom and Stir-fried Egg Plant. Skillfully playing with the spice balance, the Thai cuisine retreat also crafts traditional Curries, including the Thai Jungle and the Masaman. Drawing inspiration from Thailand’s rich meat and seafood gastronomy, ‘Siam House’ serves up a range of juicy offerings, including the Stir-fried Chicken, Devilled Beef, Sweet and Sour Cuttlefish, Garlic Prawns and Black Pepper Crab; laced in exotic Sauces, such as the Soya, Lemon, Chili, Ginger and Oyster. Hearty Rice offerings feature the Pineapple Rice, Crab Meat Fried Rice and Spicy Beef Rice whilst Noodle selections showcase varied Pad Thai and Fried Noodle classics that are orchestrated with seafood and meat treats.

From Cream Caramel and Chocolate Mousse to Ice Cream flavours; from tropical fruit platters brimming with sliced mango, pineapple and papaya to traditional Eastern desserts like Saku with Sweet Corn and Watalappan (Coconut Custard Pudding): The dessert list whisks one away to a cheerful frame-of-mind. ‘Siam House’ also offers Wine and Beer classics, for the sophisticated palette.

The Experience

One of the oldest Thai establishments in the city, ‘Siam House’ exudes a sensuous atmosphere, with a touch of ancient Thai heritage. Nestled amongst the pleasant surroundings of Melbourne Avenue, this Thai restaurant in Colombo can entertain up to 250 guests at a time. From picturesque main halls and private dining rooms to laid-back verandas, garden tables and al fresco mini Thai houses, the seating arrangements are indulgent. Whilst playing host to private parties and corporate meals, ‘Siam House’ also offers takeaway, outdoor catering and home delivery services.

Ditch that boring lunch packet for once and head on over to the ‘Siam House’. Steamed Garoupa with Ginger Sauce, on the breezy veranda; coz you deserve a mid-week treat!

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