Sea Fish Restaurant & Bar

Nestled along an alley in Colombo 2, the ‘Sea Fish Restaurant & Bar’ weaves its allure with luscious seafood recipes, from Negombo Prawn Curry to Grilled Seer Fish.

The Menu

One of the oldest seafood restaurants in Colombo, ‘Sea Fish Restaurant & Bar’ have been part of Colombo’s gastronomic scene since 1969. From tropical coastal recipes like Negombo Prawn Curry and Balapitiya Fish Head Curry, served with village-style Roast Paan (roasted flatbread) or Steamed Rice, to the street-favourite, Seafood Kottu (a griddle fry-up of chopped flatbread and chunks of seafood), exotic Sri Lankan flavours beckon one. Featured in the international selection is the Grilled Prawn, Baked Crab and Crumb-fried Cuttlefish, as well as, seasonal treats like Lobster Thermidor and New Zealand Mussels.

In addition to its forte, seafood, ‘Sea Fish Restaurant & Bar’ dishes out an array of Ceylonese culinary offerings. The Sri Lankan Rice and Curry hosts country-style curry and meat accompaniments, on a bed of Red or Basmati Rice. Coconut Sambol, Sinhalese Pickle, Chutney, Creamy Cashew Curry, Dhal Curry and Three Egg Spicy Omelette are made to authentic Sri Lankan recipes. Fried Rice and Noodles are mish-mashed with chunks of seafood and meat delicacies. Come the night time, a traditional pan yields finely-fried Hoppers (bowl-shaped pancakes made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk). Opt for a Crab or Egg Hopper, or mop up Seeni Sambol (sweet onion relish) with milky Plain Hoppers. The restaurant also crafts up Sandwiches, Wraps, Burgers, Spring Rolls and Pasta dishes.

An array of beverages, including Tea, Coffee, Fresh Fruit Juices and Mocktails are churned out, to match the food selections. From traditional Curd with Treacle and Fresh Fruit Salad, to Puddings like the Chocolate Biscuit, Bread and Jaggery, dessert selections are indulgent. The well-stocked walk-in wine room entices one with over 200 labels.

The Experience

Nestled in the midst of Slave Island and Pettah, ‘Sea Fish Restaurant & Bar’ give life to the theme of ‘water dining’. Dreamy blue lights and blue-paint walls establish a nautical ambiance, which complements the culinary delights on offer. The air- conditioned interior dining area entertains up to 100 guests whilst the 3 private rooms host intimate parties. The open lawn, which seats up to 50 guests, is perfect for outdoor functions, cocktails or BBQ parties. The disco tunes that play in the background transports one to the good old 1970s.

Scoop up finely-baked roast paan with dello borata (cuttlefish in thick gravy) and coconut sambol. Home-made curry powder; a tropical culinary dream.

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