Sākya Pavilion

Cradled amidst an enchanting, historic-themed sanctuary in Pelawatte is a charming outlet of wellness-inspired vegetarian gastronomic splendour - ‘Sākya Pavilion’.

The Menu

In a selection of sophisticated vegetarian cuisine, Asian and International wellness notes are delightfully represented. Sweet-and-sour-dip-paired Spicy Pineapple Fritters and Tapioca Doughnuts sound like health-conscious starters. Ginger-and-lemongrass-infused Pumpkin Soup soothes and comforts. The creamy Spinach and Pennywort Soup is reminiscent of leafy goodness. The nutritious Green Papaya Salad rejoices in notes of green chili, coconut vinegar and lime.

Main dish preparations are full of the lure of clean-eating: The Veggie Burger indulges in a chickpea patty; Green Mushroom and Broccoli Curry lazes over boiled rice, flanked by a sprouts salad and deep-fried kohila (lasia); Buttered Rice is coupled with chapathi, spicy curries and condiments.

In dessert offerings, the health-conscious is met with the dessertlicious: black grapes bejewel Mango Mousse; crushed jaggery crowns Creamy Avocado and Yoghurt. From a Tamarind and Honey concoction and Herbal tea to May Gold White Grape Sparkling Wine; beverage choices captivate.

The Experience

In an ode to the ancient Indian Kingdom where the Lord Buddha hails from, ‘Sākya’; this captivating vegetarian restaurant in Pelawatte indulges in intricate murals, quilted drapery fabrics and floor-to-ceiling windows. A rustic-tranquil theme is complemented by wooden furnishings, well reminiscent of Mother Nature. The idyllic atmosphere also lends itself to hosting stylish private events.

‘Sākya Pavilion’ - a sophisticated discovery of healthy food, a throwback to an ancient kingdom…

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Starting price

LKR 600 Upwards

Business Hours

06.30pm - 10.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

Sub Continental

Oriental and Eastern

Continental and Italian

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