Saffron Persian Delights

‘Saffron Persian Delights’ is an Iranian cuisine stall presented at Colombo’s eclectic Saturday shopping bazaar, ‘The Good Market’.

The Menu

A range of Iranian classics that encapsulate the essence of Persian culinary craft is served amidst the hustle and bustle of the market. The menu at ‘Saffron Persian Delights’ presents vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The eatery’s famed Saffron Rice accompanied by chicken is flavoured with potato chunks in the authentic Iranian fashion. From Kebabs packed with grilled chicken, to Falafels comprising ground chickpeas and fava beans, Persian style Wraps are varied. Captivate in the meat indulgence, Shawarma and the Middle Eastern street food favourite, Pirashki which features mutton and chicken fillings. The legendary Kashke Bademjan is a delicious feat of popular Kashk dairy products and eggplant.

Bask in saffron and honey notes whilst tasting a Bamiyeh, the doughnut-like sweet treat which is known as a Ramadan Iftar favourite. ‘Saffron Persian Delights’ also serves all-time favourites including Homemade Coconut Cookies and Lemonade.

The Experience

The ambiance of this restaurant at ‘The Good Market’ is cheerful and informal. The evocative fragrance of the Iranian fare lures flocks of shoppers to the vibrant food stall. A chalkboard menu entices you to indulge in the exotic names it carries. Immerse in the beauty of Iranian culinary traditions whilst witnessing your order being prepared right before your eyes.

‘Saffron Persian Delights’, taste delicious Shawarmas in Colombo whilst basking in your Saturday shopping rituals.

Note: Saffron Persian Delights’ additionally undertakes catering orders. For orders or inquiries, please contact the listed number after 10.00am on Saturdays and after 3.00pm, from Sunday to Friday. The catering menu items may differ from the items offered at the ‘Good Market’ stall.

Title image by: Saffron Persian Delights The information displayed is provided by Saffron Persian Delights



Starting price

LKR 400 Upwards

Business Hours

10.00am - 03.00pm, Saturday


Mediterranean and Middle Eastern

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