Royal Restaurant

Squirreled away amid the southern backwaters of Tissamaharama is a place of luscious gastronomy; the ‘Royal Restaurant’.

The Menu

A soup kettle sings of warm-me-up notes. From spicy-curry-strewn Rice and Curry and eclectic Fried Rice to picture-perfect Noodles and Asian-flavoured Chop Suey Rice; carb offerings are on the cards. Lush Omelettes entice.

In luscious meat selections; Sumptuous Chicken spices up your taste buds; Fried Pork beckons. Fish Stews are steeped in striking spices and herbs. In a festival of seafood; Golden Batter Fried Prawn crisps; Hot Butter Cuttlefish explodes with flavour. Butter Beans and Boiled Vegetables gently caress your palette.

Black Teas and Coffees warm you up on windy southern evenings whilst Water Melon and Papaya Juices freshen you up on sun-beaten afternoons. Ice Creams sweeten up and cool; Fruit Salads colour your taste buds.

The Experience

Tucked away in rural Tissamaharama, the ‘Royal Restaurant’ provides a pleasant atmosphere. Whether a meal break whilst exploring the wilds of Tissamaharama or a cooling fresh juice break to beat the heat, the setting to unwind is complete.

‘Royal Restaurant’; a spicy Asian dinner amidst exotic southern hinterlands.

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Sri Lankan


Starting price

LKR 700 Upwards

Business Hours

11.00am - 09.30pm, Monday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

Sub Continental

Oriental and Eastern

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