Robata Grill and Lounge

Named in an ode to ‘Robata-yaki’, an inimitable fireside culinary tradition hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun, the ‘Robata Grill and Lounge’ at ‘Mövenpick Hotel Colombo’ pairs edible-to-the-eye Japanese cuisine with scintillating Sake flavours.

The Menu

Elegant Lunch Boxes crafted around beef / chicken teriyaki or salmon misoyaki and accompanied by the likes of vegetables, tempura, sashimi, salad, miso soup and diced fruits, are offered in two types: Bento style with steamed rice and Sushi style with salmon skin, california and shitake rolls.

Partnered with daikon radish and wasabi paste, the Sashimi collection hosts Thinly-sliced Fresh Tuna, Yellow Fin and Salmon while the Sushi menu rolls up favourites like the California, Spicy Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura. In Nigiri selections which include Sweet Omelette, Boiled Octopus, Fresh Grouper and Fresh Japanese Scallop - pressed vinegared rice is deliciously topped off. Sumptuous Teppan griddle treats highlight the Jumbo Prawn, Australian Lamb Chops and US Angus Rib Eye. From Fried Egg, Buckwheat and Green Tea Noodles, to Steamed Rice and Miso Soup - traditional culinary classics are also on the cards.

Come dinner time, the Robata begins to sizzle, sparking up the menu with excellently-grilled delights like Chicken Wings, Boiled Quail Egg, and Broccoli with Bacon, Pork Belly and Teriyaki Lobster.

The Experience

This modern Japanese restaurant in the heart of Colombo is powered by an Izakaya, the traditional Japanese open charcoal grill that has delighted many an epicurean for centuries. Embellished with tones of black and red, the interiors offer spaced-out seating areas, establishing a sense of privacy. Skilled Sake connoisseurs help one match their meal with the right rice wine.

Spicy Ebi Rolls with sips of sake in-between. ‘Me de taberu’ - eat with your eyes…

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Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

Business Hours

12.00pm - 03.00pm, Monday to Sunday

07.00pm - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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