Punch Island Bar

The Food Studio at the upscale Colombo City Centre lends itself to beautifully tucking in a festival of mocktails; the ‘Punch Island Bar’…

The Menu

Shaken up by the Sri Lankan beverage mogul, Wine World, the ‘Punch Island Bar’ glasses out a selection of Mocktails, by dancing illustrious Monin gourmet flavours, with fruit juices.

Le fruit de Monin passion, fresh lemon juice, orange juice and soda come together to choreograph the Passion Fruit Sparkler. In the Wild Berry Mule, Monin wild berry and honey syrups sway into vanilla essences, apple juice and lemon juice. In the Watermelon Iced Tea, Monin watermelon syrup tumbles into Monin Ceylon tea concentrate.

The Coconut Sorbet bouquets out Monin coconut puree, Monin falernum syrup and coconut fresh milk. Named the Popcorn Delight is a concoction of Monin popcorn and pumpkin spice syrups, orange spritz, lemon juice and soda.

The Experience

Conceptualized around the theme of an ‘island bar’, it encapsulates the essence of the tropical beverage spirit. For the times you want to zap awake with pick-me-up flavours, the perfect setting awaits in the heart of Colombo.

Blueberry Sorbet, when days burn hot, there’s a mocktail to knock back…

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Starting price

LKR 650 Upwards

Business Hours

10.30am - 10.30pm, Sunday

10.30am - 10.30pm, Monday to Thursday

10.30am - 11.00pm, Friday to Saturday


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