In the middle of the serene water ways and scenic green gardens of ‘Waters Edge’ lies a gateway to a fancy Italian restaurant: ‘Pranzo’.

The Menu

With roots stretching to the ancient Roman civilization, Italian cuisine is probably the most notable expression of the Mediterranean diet. From pork dishes of Basilicata, lamb dishes of Abruzzi, seafood recipes of Calabria and Neapolitan cuisine of Campania, to herb and veggie based pies of Liguria, potato dishes of Lazio and bread-thickened soups of Valle d’Aosta - Italian cuisine is famed for its abundance of regional flavours. Inspired by the eclectic food culture of this foodie heaven, ‘Pranzo’ offers up gorgeously-curated gastronomic moments.

The appetizer selections highlight the traditional soup, Minestrone Alla Parmigiana; seafood salad, Insalata Di Mare; and sliced beef dish, Carpaccio Di Manzo Marinato. An overwhelming display of mains presents the sea bass fillet, Banzo All Acquapazza; braised lamb dish, Stinco Di Agnello Brasato; and saffron risotto with salmon, Risotto Alla Milanese.

An array of Pasta and Gnocchi offers up the veggie relish, Lasagna Mediterranea; chicken treat, Cannelloni Pollo; prawn ravioli in cheddar lobster bisque, Raviolo Di Gamberi; and potato dumpling, Gnocchi Di Patate. This fine dining Italian restaurant also knocks up Pizza classics like Margherita and Quattro Formaggi. A row of well-sizzled grills host Jumbo Prawns, Rock Lobster and Lamb Chops. The dessert gallery serves up Seasonal Fruit Salads and Tiramisu.

The Experience

From pizza baking ovens conjuring up swirls of delightful aromas, to epicurean dining experiences hand-picked by food and wine experts, ‘Pranzo’ blends a picture of a quintessential ristorante. Soft music plays in the background, taking diners’ cares far away. The air-conditioned interior dining halls, with brick walls and glass windows, are furnished with cosy seating areas. However, on a mellow day, one would want to sit outdoors on grassy lawns flanked by flourishing greenery and enjoy the view of glistening waters.

Between ricotta ravioli and a glass of fine wine, you can’t help but fall in love with Italian dining traditions. ‘Pranzo’, because you deserve it…

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LKR 1300 Upwards

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07.00am - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Continental and Italian

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