Poonie's Kitchen

Nestled in the beautiful Galle Fort, ‘Poonie’s Kitchen’ rustles up scrummy desserts, salads, sandwiches and smoothies. The charming café brims with a laid-back, cosy charm.

The Menu

Sharing a love of all things colourful and fresh, the food at ‘Poonie’s Kitchen’ is cheery and creative. Most of the ingredients are sourced from organic farms in the neighbourhood and the picturesque countryside. ‘Poonie’s Kitchen’ is popular for its Thali Salad that is a feat of avocado smash, pomegranate arils, mung bean sprouts and other veggie ingredients. Tuck into noodles served with seafood treats, Sandwiches and Quiches with your favourite fillings.

The tea menu features Spiced Chai and Lemongrass Tea whilst the coffee inspired beverages include Café Latte and Iced Coffee. Choose from a number of delish smoothies such as exotic Coconut Smoothie. Captivate in homemade Chocolate Brownies, Passion Fruit Butter Cake, Carrot Cake and other sweet delights.

The Experience

This contemporary restaurant in Galle Fort basks in a quirky courtyard with Araliya branches swaying overhead. Whimsical décor and a tropical colour palette crafts the rhythm for laid-back moments. The picture-perfect pond with colourful fish weaving through the waters soothes your mind whilst the music of dangling charms echo through the courtyard. On the upstairs of this eclectic café is a spa. Loll on the swing outdoors and enjoy the charming view of the old-world around you. From the cosy cushiony bench outside to captivating bookshelves and wall arts, ‘Poonie’s Kitchen’ is truly a treat.

A tropical Mango Smoothie at this hidden oasis in Galle. ‘Poonie’s Kitchen’, what a place to beat the midday heat…

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Sri Lankan



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Starting price

LKR 850 Upwards

Business Hours

09.30am - 05.30pm, Monday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

Continental and Italian

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