Peach Valley

Occupying a stylish spot at Flower Road in Colombo 7 is the ‘Peach Valley’, a popular veteran Chinese restaurant in Colombo’s casual dining arena.

The Menu

Tailor-made to captivate the local palette, Peach Valley’s Sri Lankanized Chinese food has earned the restaurant its repute. To inspire your taste buds, the restaurant serves a range of appetizers including Mango Chicken Rolls, Deep-fried Shrimp Balls and Iced Bitter Gourd, as well as, health-giving Soups such as the Seaweed Fish Ball Soup and the Tomato Oats Egg Soup.

The series of Chinese Pot Classics showcases traditional favourites such as the Three Cup Chicken, Black Bean Cuttlefish and Home Style Spicy Bean Curd. Gingered up with fragrant Chinese seasonings, these dishes are served in clay pots, in the traditional fashion. From Yangzhou Style Fried Rice and Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice, to Fujian Style Noodles and Seafood Vermicelli Soup, China’s staple delicacies are brought to life on woks, drizzled with exotic condiments. Served on a hot plate are treats such as Sizzling Dry Chili Mutton, Sizzling Pepper Garlic Eggplant and Sizzling Xi Shi Style Prawns.

The meat course at ‘Peach Valley’ showcases varied culinary styles of Peking, Sichuan, Dong’an, Macau and Shanghai. From Cantonese Style Roast Duck and Ginger Chicken, to Pork in Chili, Beef in Oyster Sauce and Cumin Flavoured Mutton, meat delectables abound. Styling the bounty of the sea with delish dressings, the oceanic offerings rejoice in flavoursome recipes, such as Steamed Pomfret, Hot Butter Cuttlefish, Black Pepper Crab, Lobster with Cheese and Indonesian Curry Prawns. Featured in the Tofu department is the zesty devilled treat, Village Style Bean Curd and the spicy pork-paired delight, Ma Po Bean Curd. The line-up of veggie relishes include Shredded Potato with Green Chili, Fried Mushroom in Hot Butter Sauce and Kang Kung with Garlic.

The Experience

Housed within a British colonial mansion, ‘Peach Valley’ sports an elegant and stylish vibe. The great white façade with charming, old style wooden windows conveys a sense of serenity and warmth. Furnished with Oriental décor such as lanterns, wooden frames and patterned vases, the interiors craft a vintage Chinese atmosphere. Containing several dining areas, the restaurant delivers both informal and formal set-ups. Whilst providing the perfect setting for cosy trysts, ‘Peach Valley’ also plays host to corporate gatherings.

As you bask in the rich gravy notes of the Indonesian Style Curry Bean Curd, oriental décor wrap you in the resplendence of Chinese aesthetics.

Note: The kitchen will be open from 11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch orders and from 6.00pm to 10.30pm for dinner orders, from Monday to Sunday.

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Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

Business Hours

11.00am - 03.00pm, Monday to Sunday

06.00pm - 10.30pm, Monday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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