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“Page through your coffee and have a sip of your book”, states the welcome sign propped out front, an invitation to walk through the doors of a café infused with a fun, cosy vibe crafted for a few hours of downtime, a slice of scrumptiousness in hand and a page-turner of a book in the other. ‘Pages & Coffee’ is delightfully unorthodox, where tables laden with artful gastronomy sit by a mini library; serving up not only culinary crafts catering to every which palate, but a base to reconnect with the crisp, wondrous pages of a book. Squirreled away on Stratford Avenue, Colombo 6, close but not that close to the city bustle, ‘Pages & Coffee’ is a re-definition of a coffee shop.

The Menu

Fusion cuisine is an art perfected. The Menu is made with a focus on diversity, offering everything from Starters, Salads and Soups to Pasta, Mains, Submarines and Burgers, complete with Drinks. The garnish on a culinary journey, appetizers allure by way of Vegetable Fritters, Prawn Toast and Japanese Popcorn-Chicken (Karaage). Opt for ladles of warm, luscious Soup, be it the Cream of Pumpkin or the Roasted Tomato or pack in all that’s healthy with a Caeser or Garden Salad.

Served up by the side of Fries and Garden Salad, are the classics: Submarines beckon, the likes of Grilled Chicken Sub and Spicy Tuna Sub, wrapped up with tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, crack black pepper on Parmesan crusted Herb Bread while a Southern Fried Chicken Burger comes with boneless, garlic and ginger marinated chicken, lettuce and gherkin on a Butter Bun. Doling out the Italian; go for the Chicken or Prawn Fettuccine Alfredo or the Penne Arabbiatta, colouring up Penne Pasta in tomato, garlic and red chilli sauce with garlic bread. Mains slip in as, to name a few, the Darne of Seer, Fried Rice and the café hit, the Jaffna Prawn Curry with Roast Paan.

Cheese Cake for dessert? ‘Pages & Coffee’ delivers. Make your pick of beverage; Coffees cup in Espresso, Americano, Iced Latte, Mocha and Cappuccino, Milkshakes; Chocolate, Oreo, Peanut Butter and Nutella while Ceylon Spiced Kade Tea pinch in pure Sri Lankan. Blue Margarita, Fruity Iced Tea and Hot Chocolate entice.

The Experience

Birthed from the idea of a bookstore, a concept which garnered quite a buzz at its original space in Rajagiriya, ‘Pages & Coffee’ at Stratford Avenue is a fresh, new take on a brand famed for blending a love of culinary arts with that of reading. With a mandate to encourage all who drop by to read at least page a day, this café in Colombo houses a mini library of sorts, where books of varied genres perch on bookshelves, creatively designed in the form of branches; an apt reflection of the growing trove of knowledge one acquires.

The al fresco seating area doubles as the site of all events, ranging from birthday celebrations to discussion forums, with communal events often thrown into the mix, rooted in the need to give back to society. A space bordered by a white picket fence away from the street, boasting a roof of colourful streamers and ocean-blue tables. A home away from home, where Bohemian hues and tropical themes effortlessly mingle, warm smiles greet at the door and an ambience that welcomes permeates through: ‘Pages & Coffee’.

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