Okra Kitchen by Ravi and Sepali

A certain restaurant at the Food Studio inside the skyline-transforming Colombo City Centre is deeply rooted in traditional family culinary values; the ‘Okra Kitchen by Ravi and Sepali’.

The Menu

The lunch menu combines Rice offerings with exotic Vegetable Curries, Fish and Chicken Curry, Papadam, Fried Chili and Salads - as well as - creative signature relishes, such as the prawn fry, Isso Thel Dala; traditional mix-veggie concoction, Hath Maaluwa; and the spicy-sour chicken treat, Kukulmas Ambulthiyal.

In the dinner selections; Lacy String Hoppers pair with coconut sambol and Egg Kiri Hodi (coconut milk and egg gravy); Katta Sambol (chili paste) and seeni sambol (onion relish) sparkle alongside Coconut Roti; Kottu, the street-style griddle-fry-up shares exotic flavours like the crab-inspired Kakuluwo Ape Rasata and the boneless-mutton-inspired Elumas Mirisata. Signature dishes, such as the sailfish delicacy, Thalapath Aba Kirata and the seer fish head relish, Maalu Olu Curriya are meant to jazz up any meal.

Green Papaya and Young Jack Fruit Pickles add a sparkle to one’s meal. Mutton Rolls, Prawn Stuffed Capsicums and Jeela Fish Cutlets make delish complements to your cosy chat. Seafood flavours whisper through the Spicy Tamarind Soup. The cashew-sprinkled coconut custard pudding, Watalappan and Buffalo Curd Parfaits are full of yummy-in-your-tummy notes.

The Experience

Located at the eclectic Food Studio inside the Colombo City Centre, the ‘Okra Kitchen by Ravi and Sepali’ exudes an inviting atmosphere. Fueled with the mission of creating a little bit of home, this restaurant in Colombo crafts the perfect setting for the diner looking for a warm and homely hospitality experience.

‘Okra Kitchen by Ravi and Sepali’; an authentic Sri Lankan food corner in the midst of the cosmopolitan city…

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Sri Lankan

Starting price

LKR 400 Upwards

Business Hours

10.30am - 10.30pm, Sunday

10.30am - 10.30pm, Monday to Thursday

10.30am - 11.00pm, Friday to Saturday


Sri Lankan

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