Oak Ray Flower Drum

Located at Thurstan Road in Colombo 3, ‘Oak Ray Flower Drum’ presents flavours of the Orient, specializing in authentic Chinese cuisine.

The Menu

Appetizers at ‘Oak Ray Flower Drum’ showcase a variety of seafood and meat relishes like Prawn Crackers and Chicken Spring Rolls. From the hot and sour Thai seafood indulgence, Tom Yum to the famed Chinese treat, Noodle Soup, a range of Soups are crafted.

Inspired by the restaurant’s appreciation of oceanic recipes, an array of seafood luxuries laced in Eastern culinary notes are on the cards. Flavoursome interpretations of crabs and prawns include Sizzling Prawns, Singapore Chili Crabs, Layered Crab Foo Yung and Prawns with Kang Kung. Luscious fish and cuttlefish dishes featuring Fried Five Spice Sail Fish, Pepper style Fish, Sizzling Cuttlefish and Garoupa with Cantonese Sauce showcase exotic culinary reflections of the Orient. ‘Oak Ray Flower Drum’ also carves out decadent meat relishes such as Szechuan style Chicken, Kung Pau Chicken and Beef with Kang Kung. These dishes are presented with fabled sauces like Oyster, Hot Butter, Thai, Garlic and Black Bean.

Veggie selection features Eastern favourites like Devilled Bean Curd and Mock Duck. Famed Rice and Noodle delights like Nasi Goreng and Beef Chow Mein and Pasta dishes are also available. From Lychees and Fresh Fruits to Cream Caramel and Ice Cream, dessert choices at ‘Oak Ray Flower Drum’ are indulgent. Warm your senses with a pot of Tea or Coffee or chill with a Fresh Juice.

The Experience

Nestled in the heart of Colombo, ‘Oak Ray Flower Drum’ is wrapped in an elegant and tranquil aura. The corridor that takes you to the staircase leading to the restaurant is fallen between a jewellery shop and a souvenir boutique. An orchestra of earthy tones and soft lighting lends it a sumptuous character. The cosy furniture at ‘Oak Ray Flower Drum’ is clad in captivating floral prints.

‘Oak Ray Flower Drum’, soothe and smooth those weekday blues with a bouquet of Chinese flavours at this oasis in Colombo.

Note: Takeaway and delivery facilities will be available from 9:00am onwards.

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Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

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11.30am - 10.45pm, Monday to Sunday


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