Located at the sumptuous city break, ‘Cinnamon Grand’, ‘Noodles’ cooks up a feast with Far Eastern and Vietnamese flavours. The restaurant is renowned for its noodle soups and 70 captivating noodle based delicacies.

The Menu

Unlocking the gateway to evocative Far Eastern cuisine, ‘Noodles’ rustles up an array of treats using 10 unique types of noodles including Ramen, Udon and Soba. Get going with Edamame, the health-giving soybean appetizer or munch on Gyoza, the Japanese steamed dumpling which comes with a choice of chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetable fillings. From the veggie and tofu centred wholesomeness, Yam Tao Hu, to the chicken based salad, Misoyaki Toriniku Sarada and the Asian seafood indulgence, Goi Hai San, Salads are varied.

The mains at ‘Noodles’ showcase intriguing flavours inspired by Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Malaysian culinary notes. The prestigious Noodle Soups present a variety of noodle types infused with seafood, meats, mushrooms, tofu and spring onions. Kamoniku Ramen serves a mishmash of ramen noodles and roast duck whilst Chili Ebi Yasai Udon brings together a mix of rice noodles and prawns. Choose from a selection of piping hot Noodles including the soba and wok fried beef indulgence, Mi Xao Bo and the crab infused glass noodle decadence, Mien Xao Cua. Sit down to a delectable rice inspired meal such as Japanese style Sakana Fry which dishes out sticky rice or Vietnamese fashion Pad Ped Kai Takari featuring stir fried chicken.

End your meal on a perfect dessert-high with a Sago Trai Cay Thap Cam presenting a concoction of fruits and sago cooked in coconut milk, Pandan Cheesecake with coconut agar or a Zesty Lime Tart.

The Experience

Sporting a dark brown theme complemented by soft yellow lighting, the ambiance of ‘Noodles’ is refined and laid-back. Wooden tables are appointed with comfortable cushioned cane chairs which lend an air of Eastern elegance to the interiors. The open kitchen concept allows diners to witness Pan Asian delicacies being crafted right before their eyes. Decorated to create a casual yet stylish ambiance, the restaurant accommodates about 50 guests.

‘Noodles’, for the times you would rather bask in the comforting warmth of a noodle soup…

Note: Dinner will be served in 2 Sittings, the 1st will take place from 6:30pm to 9:00pm and the 2nd from 9:30pm to 11:30pm.

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Far Eastern


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12.00pm - 03.00pm, Monday to Sunday

06.30pm - 11.30pm, Monday to Sunday


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