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At ‘Nom Nom Asia by Heritage’, sheer gastronomy, mouth-watering relishes authentic to the home country that they’re sourced from, is a promise. Founded by the Sunnediya family, the concept of ‘Nom Nom Asia’ was birthed from their travels abroad. The idea of crafting the best of culinary offerings, the specialty of most countries across the Asian continent complete with a taste of the culture they come with, is an idea that begged to be re-created with a complementing balance, under one roof.

Opening its doors on Maya Avenue, Colombo 5, ‘Nom Nom Asia by Heritage’ beckons for a flavourful burst of all your favourite Asian culinary relishes, right here in Colombo.

The Menu

A melting pot of cuisines; Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian delectables craft up a menu that entices.

Appetizers range from the Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Rolls with Thai Sauce to Crispy Shrimp Tempura. Dole out the leafy goodness of Salads: opt for the Larb Chicken Salad or the Glass Noodle Salad with Seafood. Ladled out in steaming bowlfuls is deliciously warm Soup: the classic Tom Yum Soup with Chicken welcomes or if not, pick out the Spicy Coconut Soup with Beef for a more adventurous take.

Scrumptious Fried Rice with a main accompaniment of either Egg, Chicken, Vegetable, Pineapple, Seafood or Crab or in Vietnamese, Malaysian or Chinese style. Pad Thai Hor Khai Noodles and Seafood Spaghetti beckon. Pick your side dish. Vegetable sides tempt in Buk Choy and Fried Tofu. Fish allure in Chilli Garoupa while Shanghai Shrimps and Hot Butter Cuttlefish make for ravishing choices. Go for the Lobster Panang or Claypot Crab if you're feeling particularly Seafood. Roasted Chicken with Chilli, Black Pepper Beef or Curry Mutton Rendang slip in notes of flavour.

Drinks come in limited but luscious offerings: try the Lime Juice or the Chrysanthemum Cold Tea for a chilled, refreshing dose.

The Experience

The setting at this restaurant in Colombo infuses a little bit of every country it represents in culinary terms: a patterned tile sourced from China or the bunch of hanging flowers from a temple in Thailand now adorning the dining space. Step through a 150 year old door, into a space where colourful decor themes and varied knick-knacks invite. Opt for the downstairs indoor or outdoor seating area or upstairs for one of the private rooms, exclusively made available for groups of diners. Here at ‘Nom Nom Asia by Heritage’, multi-cuisine gastronomy and vibrant cultures duet.

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Chinese Cuisine





Starting price

LKR 700 Upwards

Business Hours

12.00pm - 03.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday

06.00pm - 11.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday


Sub Continental

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