Napoli Artisan Pizza

Tucked at Rohini Road amid the buzzing milieu of Wellawatte is a cosy parlour where evenings taste like Italian dreams: ‘Napoli Artisan Pizza’.

The Menu

Inspired by the fabled gastronomy of an old country by the Mediterranean, the menu at ‘Napoli Artisan Pizza’ is an absolute charm. In Soups like the Deep Sea Dive and the Dreams of Pomodoro, authentic Italian flavours are held together by herby accents. Breadsy appetizers, such as Bruschetta, Focaccia and Pesto are meant to evoke the warm and fresh spirit of Italian cuisine. Featured in the Salad section is the grilled chicken and egg treat, Italian Farm and the prawn, calamari and tuna delight, Under Sea Fusion. Freshly served Pastas, the likes of parsley-and-parmesan-topped Veggie Delight and egg, cheese and chicken ham tossed Meaty Bite rolls a bouquet of flavours into one delicious treat.

Carrying a deliciously smoky flavour, the Wood-fired, Thin-crust Pizza selections at this pizza parlour trigger fond images of old-fashioned fireside dinners at Italian households. Accented with tasty cheeses, the vegetariano collection highlights the mozzarella, blue cheese, cheddar and feta mishmash, Cheesy Four and the ripe-tomato delicacy, Eye of Caprese. Succulent meaty blends, such as the tomato-sauced beef pepperoni indulgence, Beef Milano and the shredded chicken, chicken ham and chicken sausage sensation, Twisted Chicken rejoice in herb, spice and cheese combos that taste like matches made in heaven. Bursting with seafood orchestras, Frutti de Mare section dishes out the likes of Tuna-licious and The Tiger Shrimp’s Leap. From Seasonal Fresh Juices, Cappuccino and Café Latte, to Panna Cotta and Brownies, the beverage and dessert concoctions are the epitome of happiness.

The Experience

As daylight colours ebb into a sleepy monochrome and Colombo’s vibrant milieu fades into the night - ‘Napoli Artisan Pizza’ blooms into a place of smoky fragrances and hazy chatter. Combining elements of quaint, cosy and cutesy, this pizza place in Colombo is an instant evocation of a quirky pizzeria in the heart of Campania. Artsy chairs and tables, laid back lighting and brick designs are all woven in a mesh of a dream, to elevate the snug, homey factor.

Queen of Italy with pureed tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. For the times you would rather vacay in a gorgeous Mediterranean country.

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Starting price

LKR 1350 Upwards

Business Hours

05.00pm - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Continental and Italian

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