Moti Mahal

‘Moti Mahal’ has opened its doors in Sri Lanka, welcoming patrons to a taste of signature Indian cuisine. An Indian franchise which has showcased its culinary wares from the 1920s, it is now a widely popular and sought after restaurant, a global brand with over 150 franchises, around the world. Located in the green canopied heart of Colombo city, surrounded by a hub of commercial and private residences, ‘Moti Mahal’ provides islanders a taste of an exotic culinary legacy, fine-tuned over the years.

The Menu

The ‘Moti Mahal’ menu is both vivid and varied in colour, taste and choice. The menu brims with a tasteful combination of fragrant meats, seafood and vegetarian dishes, along with delicious desserts and a range of traditional and refreshing beverages. For those who still crave Chinese cuisine, there remains a dash of Chinese dishes on offer. ‘Moti Mahal’, a place that provides patrons a multi-sensory dining experience.

The Till Wala Chicken Tikka, considered one of the restaurant’s best sellers, entices with tender chicken pieces, marinated with fresh mildly spiced yogurt and sesame seeds, accompanied with a mint dip. The Kadhai Chicken presents itself, tender succulent, roasted with fresh herbs and spices. Palak Nalli Mutton, sautéed with ginger and garlic and cooked in spinach and mutton gravy flavored with cinnamon is a tantalising palate pick. For the seafood lover, the fresh Tandoori Prawns grilled and marinated to perfection with aromatic Indian spices is a mouthwatering and healthy option.

A selection of fragrant filling Biryani awaits the discerning patron. The Gosht Hyderabadi Biryani infused with tender mutton is just one Biryani variety available. A host of vegetarian dishes are showcased on the menu. Hing Jeera Aloo, cooked up of small pieces of potatoes blended with roasted cumin seeds, the Paneer Butter Masala, cottage cheese pieces, cooked with rich tomato and onion gravy are just a few of the vegetarian items on the ‘Moti Mahal’ menu. Naans come in the way of both Butter and Garlic and are just the choice to dip into a variety of spiced dishes, such as Paneer Pasanda, a shallow fried, stuffed paneer immersed in a rich creamy gravy. Desserts delight by way of Gulab Jamun, Mango Pudding and the sizzling Brownie, while beverages such as the Sweet Lassi are refreshing to down in the island’s tropical heat. For the patron who craves a touch of the Orient, the Basil Chicken Dumplings await.

‘Moti Mahal’ is all about satisfying culinary cravings, choice and convenience. As such, patrons have the option of dining in, delivery and take away when in the mood to indulge. It’s best to make a réservation, as not to be disappointed.

The Experience

The ambience of ‘Moti Mahal’ is an intriguing one. It reflects a host of Chinese décor and colour schemes reminiscent of its past occupant the Chinese restaurant, namely ‘Mainland China’. Yet, the restaurant's culinary craftsmanship and skill in dishing out exquisite Indian dishes has overpowered the décor and is a happy marriage of sensory stimulation. Enter through two large glass Dragon festooned doors and you are in a space that is comfortable, cosy and chic. The interior is tastefully decorated with muted cool colors, intricate and elaborate wooden screens and wall art giving the space a refined upscale air. Helpful staff are at your beck and call. Pick a private dining rooms for special occasions or sit in the main restaurant area and savour each mouthwatering bite of Indian fare.

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01.00pm - 03.30pm, Friday


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