The once lowly hamburger of the United States of America has gained international recognition via the phenomenal success of ‘McDonald’s’, the brainchild of 2 individuals who opened a small neighbourhood restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, United States of America. ‘McDonald’s Sri Lanka’ has personalized its American Hamburger to suit the palates of Sri Lankans’ who crave for spicy, crunchy and tangy tastes.

The fast food chain’s 1st outlet was opened in 1998, in Colpetty (Kollupitiya) Colombo 3. Having expanded since then, the service restaurant’s iconic Golden Arches are a welcome sight to famished fast food fans, when travelling in Colombo or its outskirts.

The Menu

The menu, while maintaining international standards, caters to the country’s cultural and culinary cravings. The choices strike a unique balance between the original American meal offerings and localized, innovative meal ideas.

The A la Carte and Value Meals are a power packed combination of Chicken, Beef, Fish, Veggie and Cheese combinations lathered in spiced, crunchy or cheesy options. Go for the Big Mac or the Double Cheeseburger if you are looking for an authentic American experience; if on the other hand you cannot do without Sri Lankan spice then opt for the McSpicy Chicken Burger, the Curry and Rice or the spicy, chili and hot McSpicy Wings. Make sure to order a chilled fizzy drink, an ice cream or a milkshake to sooth your taste-buds.

In the Salads and Sides section, Chicken Mini Salad is available for the health conscious customer. For those who love the crunch of something a little more calorie filled, the fresh out of the fire Fries are available.

Cool off from the day’s heat or sweeten it up with choices of Plain, Strawberry or Chocolate Sundaes, an Oreo infused McFlurry or an English favourite, the Apple Pie. Beverages range from your fizzy pop drinks to Colas and for the weight-watcher, the Zero Cola is a bonus. The milkshakes call out in familiar flavours of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Happy Meals are catered towards keeping the kids smiling and happy, with smaller sized meals in varying combinations, each coupled with a colourful and cute toy. Chicken Nuggets, fresh and piping hot with accompanying ketchup, are a popular finger food amongst both kids and adults.

Promotion and Bundle Meals are a value concept, great if you are in a group and want to try as much as possible on the menu. Pick a bundle of either rice, beef or chicken which comes with drinks and fries and dessert depending on your choice.

Breakfast and Value Meals serve a choice of morphed breakfast favourites such as Sausage and Egg, Egg, Omelette, Seeni Sambol (sweet and spicy onion relish) and the American breakfast favourite, the Hash Brown, a potato dressed crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

The Experience

In line with its tagline of ‘I’m Loving It’; the cornerstone of the ‘McDonald’s’ philosophy is to sell the experience and not the hamburger. A diner setting invitingly casual, relaxed, family and kid friendly. One has the option of indoor or outdoor dining, home delivery or takeaway referred to as McStop Kerb Service. ‘Mc Donald’s’; fast, flavourful and friendly dining experience.

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Location info

Race Course Promenade





Colombo City Centre - Food Studio



Western American

Additional Specification

Halal Certified


Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

07.00am - 12.00am, Monday to Sunday


Fast Food and Street Food

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