Margarita Blue

Think giant TV screens airing cricket and rugby encounters; saxophone notes jumping in the air; an array of pub grub scenting the atmosphere: ‘Margarita Blue’, a retro-style pub nestled at ‘The Galadari Hotel’ sums up the perfect evening. Expect an array of tempting snacks, as well as, seafood and meat offerings.

The Menu

From cold treats, such as the Seafood Rendezvous and the Greenhouse Specialty Salad, to hot delights, like Chicken Winglets and Hot Butter Cuttlefish, ‘Margarita Blue’ whips up many a flavour to whet one’s appetite in a fashionable manner. Choose from a host of main dishes, the likes of Seafood Tortillas, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Devilled Beef and Sausage Sizzlers. The menu also highlights lip-smacking snacks, such as the Crab and Onion Cheese Toast, Grilled Reuben Sandwich and American Burger.

Top off your meal in high spirits with a sophisticated serving from the pub’s indulgent beverage classics collection, which spells fabled international names, such as Hennessey, Kahlua, Smirnoff, Gordon’s, Ballantine’s, Jack Daniels and Campari, as well as, Ceylonese labels, such as Rockland White and Lion larger. This sports pub in Colombo also shakes up eclectic Cocktails, featuring Mojito, Whisky Sour and Long Island Iced Tea. Offered for the subtler palette is a selection of Specialty Coffees, Cordials and Fresh Juices.

The Experience

Occupying a stylish space at the sumptuous ‘Galadari Hotel’, this pub overlooking the Indian Ocean, is equipped with a sunset-view garden terrace. Live retro music bathes the atmosphere in a mellifluous daze whilst giant screens air the latest games. One could also test their skills at darts or snooker. From the cosy interior lounge areas to the al fresco terrace, seating choices are varied. A mainstay in Colombo’s nightlife scene, this cocktail lounge often entertains themed events and seasonal festivities.

Shades of electric neon-blue pour out, amidst swirls of toe-tapping retro beats. You could dance for the millennia, and some more.

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Pub Grub

Starting price

LKR 900 Upwards

Business Hours

04.00pm - 12.00am, Sunday

04.00pm - 12.00am, Tuesday to Wednesday

04.00pm - 01.00am, Thursday

04.00pm - 03.00am, Friday to Saturday


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