Loon Tao

Nestled on the golden beach of Mount Lavinia is ‘Loon Tao’, a Chinese seafood getaway. The romantic restaurant with a sea view crafts Cantonese, Schezuwan, Peking and Shanghai style cuisine.

The Menu

Open daily for lunch and dinner, ‘Loon Tao’ celebrates authentic East Asian flavours. The grand seafood affair begins with ocean inspired appetizers which include Hot Butter Prawns and Thai Style Cuttle Fish. The Loon Tao Four Season Assorted Platter presenting four crispy fried items is one of the most decadent starter indulgences. From Thai Style Tom Yam Soup to Chengdu Fried Egg and Vegetable Soup, ‘Loon Tao’ is an evocation of Oriental notes.

Visually captivating seafood mains showcase Prawn, Cuttle Fish, Promphet, Garoupa, Lobster and Lagoon Crab, laced in Chinese culinary vibes. Each seafood delicacy is presented in a variety of regional versions. Cantonese Style Prawns with Cashew Nuts, Malaysian Style Stir-Fried Cuttle Fish, Thai Style Deep-Fried Fish Fillet, Chinese North-East Style Promphet, Shanghai Style Home made Garoupa and Singaporean Style Chili Crab are a few exotic names on the menu which contains around 70 seafood luxuries.

Meat mains are centred around Lamb, Duck, Beef and Chicken treats that give off oriental culinary vibes. Chili, Pepper, Garlic, Black Bean and Orange Sauces are used to accentuate the lavish feel of the fare. Vegetarian indulgences include Hot Pot Eggplant, Mock Duck and Hot Butter Mushrooms. Also available is an array of Noodles, Rice served with seafood, Bean Curd and Sizzlers.

Finish off your sumptuous meal with an exotic Mango Melba showcasing homegrown flavours or an aromatic Traditional Chinese Tea Pot. Diners can also bask in the familiar comforts of Caramel Biscuit Pudding and Chocolate Brownies.

The Experience

Nestled on the soft sands of Mount Lavinia Beach christened ‘the golden mile’, ‘Loon Tao’ basks in an open tropical hut structure, allowing diners ease into the ocean scene. The interiors are clad in beautiful wooden furniture which gives it a cosy and cheerful character. Featuring an entertainment venue furnished with a 1,000 square foot wooden dance floor, the seafood restaurant also hosts parties and dances as well as beach barbeques and cocktail nights.

As you bask in a decadent seafood platter at ‘Loon Tao’, guitar notes fill the rollicking air and brine waters croon softly.

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Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

11.00am - 03.00pm, Monday to Sunday

06.00pm - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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