Lé Papillon

‘Lé Papillon’ is one of the trendy F&B celebrities in town. Located in the heart of cosmopolitan Colombo, on Flower Road which perfectly fits a venue inspired and named in ode to the Butterfly. A restaurant and café serving a colourful array of exotic and popular culinary delicacies breakfast, lunch and dinner in its own unique style.

The Menu

The menu showcases a range of fusion and multi culinary delicacies. Entrées, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, rices, waffles, mains with Seafood, Fish, Chicken, Lamb and Beef highlights, as well as desserts and drinks.

Appetizers from the Crab Dip, the Lentil Prawn Vadai or the Prawn Kebabs With Sweet Chili and Garlic tantalise taste buds. Follow with a warm bowl of Carrot, Orange and Cumin Soup or the Prawn and Spinach with toasted accompaniments. Dip into healthy crunchiness with the Avocado and Beetroot Salad with Feta Cheese or the sweet and tangy Spinach Salad with Orange and Dates. Sandwiches with a selection of fillings are guaranteed to satisfy varied palate preferences. Is it Curry you love? Try the Roast Paan (toasted bread) with your choice of curry and Nai Miris Sambol.

Mains of Grilled Jumbo Prawns, Lobster Thermidor, Spicy Chicken Sausage Roll with Almond, Peppers and Herb Paste, Spicy Fried Rice, the Steak and Kidney Pot Pie, and for the veggie lover the Mushroom and Herb Quiche entice.

Thinking of a breakfast binge? The English Breakfast; two eggs, sausages, mushrooms, bacon, toast, butter and jam and a chilled fruit juice is a great way to kick-start the day. Waffles; Sweet or Savoury await, with toppings of maple syrup, blueberries or strawberries or the Lankan spiced Crumbled Bacon with Kochi Infused Maple Syrup. The Coconut and Blueberry Pudding and the Pecan Pie are sweet indulgences.

Beverages brim in style. Coffees, Iced Teas and Fruit Juices in a kaleidoscope of colour and flavour delight, enhance the dining escapade.

The Experience

Lush gardens, surrounding greenery, palm trees and cane furniture make up a tropical island exterior, while the chic and stylish interior reflects a modern and colonial ambience of elegance and simplicity. ‘Lé Papillon’, a trendy island venue to dine and wine.

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Multi Cuisine / Fusion

Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

Business Hours

07.00am - 12.00am, Monday to Sunday


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