Lantern @ 71 Bistro and Bar

‘Lantern @ 71 Bistro and Bar’, the dining wing of the famed beach resort collection by ‘Lantern’, serves an array of seafood, Sri Lankan best picks and International cuisine, in the idyllic coastal town of Kamburugamuwa, Mirissa.

The Menu

Being a seaside restaurant, ‘Lantern @ 71 Bistro and Bar’ focuses on crafting a sumptuous seafood experience, with an array of seafood appetizers and mains on the cards. Tantalize your tastes with Crab Cutlets or Shrimp Nachos which would prepare you for the delicious ocean-inspired mains ahead. For those looking for health-giving starters, green salads and soups infused with seafood are available.

Incorporating the catch of the day sourced from neighbouring fishing hamlets and Kamburugamuwa’s homegrown wholesomeness, the mains are a delicious mishmash of traditional Ceylonese cooking rituals and delectable ocean style recipes. Roasted Spice and Coconut Beef, Mixed Seafood Hotpot and Northern Lamb Curry are a few of the main course specials. Celebrating the best regional cookery techniques, meals are dressed in authentic ingredients and herbs such as coconut milk, tamarind and saffron. Catch of the day which includes crabs and prawns is served grilled, sautéed or tempura fried, and accompanies salads. Diners who appetite for true Ceylonese flavours can tuck into Sri Lankan classics such as Sri Lankan Rice and Curry and Kottu Roti (chopped flatbread blended with vegetables and meats). The restaurant also caters to your pizza cravings. Lantern style breakfasts include a choice of Pittu (steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut), Roti (flatbread), String Hoppers and Milk Rice. They are served in authentic Sri Lankan style, with red chili sambal paste and curries.

From Watalappan (coconut custard pudding infused with jaggery) to fresh seasonal tropical fruits, desserting at ‘Lantern @ 71 Bistro and Bar’ is a treat. The beverage menu includes soft drinks, teas, fresh juices, cocktails, wines, beer and heady spirits.

The Experience

‘Lantern @ 71 Bistro and Bar’ has a laid-back character which is accentuated by warm, wooden furnishings and soft lighting. The fully-equipped kitchen and open access pantry allows diners to interact with the team of chefs as they create tantalizing tuck-ins. Guests can partake in interactive cooking lessons where they would go marketing for vegetables, don a chef’s apron and get behind the stove. Diners can even walk down to the organic garden of the restaurant and pick out fresh vegetables and fruits which would later be turned into scrumptious meals. The seaside restaurant throws Tapas Style Nights where jovial feasts take place amidst the hiss and sizzle of barbeques. For couples who want to dine in the hush of the night, star-lit dinners are set out on the beach.

As you lunch in the breezy restaurant, the Indian Ocean roars in the background. Lemongrass Rice with Seafood and Coconut Sambal: a platter of paradisian flavours.

Title image by: Lantern @ 71 Bistro and Bar The information displayed is provided by Lantern @ 71 Bistro and Bar


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LKR 1000 Upwards

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07.30am - 10.30am, Monday to Sunday

11.00am - 10.30pm, Monday to Sunday


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