‘L.A.B’, the stylish Lounge and Bar at ‘Hilton Colombo’, is ideal for your Vodka and Mojito indulgences as well as Ceylon Coffee and Chocolate Tart moments.

The Menu

‘L.A.B’ is the scene of many sweet treats and enchanting desserts. From Gianduja Praline and Chocolate Blondies inspired by the restaurant’s love affair with chocolates, to Caramelized Banana Cake and Baked Yoghurt Cheesecake, exquisite feelings are on the cards. Bask in bouquets of fruity flavours as you sip on a freshly squeezed Watermelon or Strawberry Juice. Take your pick from a selection of Black Teas, Green Teas, Iced Teas and Infusions including Aromatic Earl Grey and Springtime Chocolate Mint. Unwind with a cup of Café Latte or Irish Coffee.

Captivate in the golden and amber glow of your favourite beers and liquors: choose from an assortment of Ceylonese Arracks and Beers as well as Vodka, Gin, and Rum. Bask in the gloriously heady feelings evoked by Single Malt. Sparkle with your favourite Fizzy Drinks including Citrus Haze and Madeira Red. Dazzle your senses with a fruit and herb infused drink from ‘A Breath Out of the City’ collection by ‘L.A.B’.

A gorgeous place to chill out, ‘L.A.B’ also sets the scene for magical high tea indulgences. Delight in a beautiful affair with Éclairs, Macaroons, Tartlets, and Scones beckoning on a lovely stand as well as a choice of sandwiches and savouries, accompanied by coffees.

The Experience

A beautiful restaurant with lotus pond views, ‘L.A.B’ basks in an eclectic style which is characteristic of fashionable urban parks. Encapsulating the essence of rainforests in Sri Lanka, the Indoor Tropicana rejoices in natural, earthy tones that soothe and inspire your mind. From Brazilian snow fox granite floors and carpets fashioned to reflect rainforest verdure, to picture-perfect travertine and woven wood sculptures on the walls, the ambiance evokes in you a sense of tranquility. The restaurant’s sophisticated yet informal frame of mind makes it ideal for both business and casual meet-ups. Jazz music sets the rhythm for your evening revelries at ‘L.A.B.’.

Hazlenut Crème Brûlée at ‘L.A.B’, whilst admiring vistas of the lotus pond. A calm and peaceful afternoon in Colombo…

Note: Alcohol will be served from 10.00am onwards.

Title image by: L.A.B. The information displayed is provided by L.A.B



Finger Food


Starting price

LKR 700 Upwards

Business Hours

07.00am - 12.30am, Sunday to Thursday

07.00am - 02.00am, Friday to Saturday


Continental and Italian

Pubs and Bars

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