Located amid the buzzing setting of Nawala, the ‘KottuLabs’ celebrate Sri Lanka’s exotic street-griddle-fry-up, Kottu.

The Menu

From a sinful evening delight, to a post-clubbing routine, the Kottu has made headway in the Sri Lankan cuisine arena. As spatulas rhythmically slice up chopped flatbread with chunks of meat, seafood, cheese and vegetables - the scrumptious chow tantalises. Powered by the slogan ‘you’re the chef, we are the cooks‘, the ‘KottuLabs’ serves up treats made to the diner’s choice of carb, vegetables and protein, as well as, creative Sri Lankan-inspired delicacies.

In the Customised Kottu selection - diners are invited to choose from an array of carb-fests, such as string hoppers, pasta and roti - vegetables like carrot, leeks, green cucumber and cauliflower - and proteins like grilled chicken, roast beef, chicken sausages, crab, paneer and egg.

From chickpea-and-roti-inspired Kadala Invasion and roast-beef-and-roti-mixed Beef it Up; to the creamy fish and string hopper treat, Fish ‘n’ Strings and the pittu and crab curry blend, Crabbin’ with Pittu; the signature Kottu rejoice in creative and luscious concoctions. Strawberry Jam and Chocolate Roti are full of sweet-licious notes.

The Experience

Located in Nawala, on the border of Sri Jayawardenepura, and just beyond Colombo’s city limits, the ‘KottuLabs’ operates a delivery service, as well as, a take-away service. Be it a Friday night beer-up or a family treat, a luscious Kottu experience awaits.

Dalla devilled with roti kottu, an oldie-goldie treat with a street-food twist…

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Starting price

LKR 600 Upwards

Business Hours

03.00pm - 10.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

Fast Food and Street Food

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