Kang’s Kitchen

Korea at its culinary finest, dished out on a plate. Originally known as ‘Seoul’s Kitchen’, this charming little eatery down Horton Place, Colombo 7 promises nothing but the authentic goodness of Korean gastronomy, plated up in a burst of colour, aroma and lip-smacking flavour exclusively for the discerning epicurean. More on what’s offered? Dive right in.

The Menu

The Menu is a culinary adventure in itself; in a bid to indulge in the full Korean culinary experience, offered are everything from starters to mains with key highlights on meat, seafood or veggies, each guaranteeing a melting pot of flavours and textures to swirl in.

Vegetarians are presented with intriguing choices; the Bibbimbap with Rice is much talked about, where traditional mixed rice, veggies, meat and spicy sauce are meant to be thoroughly mixed up. Marked as one of the most famous Korean street food is the Tteok-bokki, rice cakes cooked with veggies in spicy sauce.

On a Seafood note; Ojingeo Bokkeum is a blend of stir fried devilled cuttlefish with veggies and Kang’s special spicy sauce while the KANGpungi whirl of batter-fried prawns with peanuts and spicy sauce, beckons. A Beef Bulgogi is your one-and-done highlight: packed in are stir fried soy-marinated beef, veggies and bean sprouts. One of the best-selling dishes at ‘Kang’s Kitchen’: KANGpungi entices with deep-fried Chicken, signature sauce, peanuts and dried chilli for a burst of sweet and spicy. Go for the Jayuk Bokkem, devilled and spicy marinated pork with veggies and sauce, perfect for pairing with a bowl of rice.

A limited yet refreshing Drinks menu offers one Lemonade and Fizzy Drinks. Glass out the chilled to wrap up a satisfying, culinary journey into the heart of Korea.

The Experience

A cosy, homely feel permeates through ‘Kang’s Kitchen’ as one steps in. Transporting one back to the culture of Korea in its natural, unhindered element, this restaurant in Colombo is cluttered with the spontaneously strewn potted plants, ornaments, paintings, gramophones, maps of Korea and vases filled with coffee beans that add to the culinary aromas taking over the eatery. Mood music is done right; settle back to instrumentals of the likes of Frank Sinatra and tuck into a mouthwatering relish.

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LKR 1000 Upwards

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12.00pm - 02.30pm, Monday to Saturday

06.00pm - 09.30pm, Monday to Saturday


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