Kaema Sutra

A new-age Sri Lankan restaurant located at the stylish high-rise of ‘Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo’ narrates epicurean gastronomic tales with islandish spices and herbs: ‘Kaema Sutra’.

The Menu

Creating age-old and colonial inspired contemporary gastronomic delights, the ‘Kaema Sutra’ captures the creative spirit of Sri Lankan gastronomy. Add some crunch to your choice of exotic, fruit or spice inspired Tropical Cocktail with a Sri Lankan style Tapas, such as Manioc Floss or Hot Chili Wings - or dive into Roti Pizza (roti topped with the likes of mutton and baby jack fruit ) or Porksicle ( slow-cooked pork spare rib wrapped in roti).

From slow-cooked treats like Baby Jackfruit and Australian Mutton, to a-la-minutes like Crab and Tuna Sour Fish, exotic culinary traditions are perfected. The high-end dining retreat’s hopper empire swirls up Plain and Egg Hoppers, alongside their signature delicacy, the squid ink infused Black Hopper. The metallic clang of a griddle yields luscious Kottu (fry-up of chopped bread, meat and veggies), including Crab String Hopper and Barramundi. What The Hopper, a crunchy, strawberry-sprinkled hopper lavished with treacle and whipped curd, makes a delightful dessert to cap off your meal.

The Experience

From its carved elephant and folk-depicting masks, to views of the glistening ocean, the ‘Kaema Sutra’ is deeply evocative of a tropical atmosphere. The outdoor space is softly illuminated by tiki torches, to complete the exotic feel.

‘Kaema Sutra’; from intricate native combinations, comes luscious flavour…

Title image by: Kaema Sutra The information displayed is provided by Kaema Sutra


Fusion Sri Lankan

Contemporary Sri Lankan

Starting price

LKR 1700 Upwards

Business Hours

12.00pm - 01.00am, Sunday

05.00pm - 01.00am, Monday to Thursday

12.00pm - 02.00am, Friday to Saturday


Sri Lankan

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