From their deep-red love of strawberries, to mastery of bake-craft, the ‘Jagro’ sounds like a total treat.

The Menu

Owned by the prestigious household name of ‘Jagro’ by Jagath Fernando who took Sri Lanka’s agricultural landscape by storm when he kicked off a new trend in berry farms in the island’s highlands, the dessert-parlour in Colombo shares a cosy, uplifting menu. Dressed in luscious folds, chocolate cake sits by strawberries in the Chocolate Sandwich. In chocolate-topped Waffles, strawberries enrapture in cream while ruby berry-decked sponge is marveled with buttercream in the Vanilla Swiss Roll.

Lazing amid ice cream, fresh strawberries beckon. Vanilla ice cream and strawberries rollick in the Strawberry Sundae. The Chocolate Cake Sundae blushes and sweetens amid fresh strawberries and honey nut crunch.

Peering through the offerings are delectable Cakes: from the berry and cream duet Strawberry Cheesecake to the Chocolate Sandwich Cake and from the red-dressed Party Tart to the Chocolate Swiss Roll, appetizing delights await. While away the heat of the day with the cold notes of a Strawberry Juice or the warm folds of an Espresso.

Straying away from its traditional menu, the ‘Jagro’ perched at the Food Studio of the Colombo City Centre, suits up mostly in savoury plate-ups. In Sandwich offerings, Salmon and Cream Curd lounge on toasted rye and house salad whilst the Cajun Chicken Sandwich revels in a crown of melted cheddar. Salads such as the Lean Tuna and House Special brim with leafy goodness. Slicing in a touch of sweetness will be desserts the likes of nutella-coated Pancakes dovetailed with strawberries and creamy Cheesecake coated in scrumptious strawberry.

The Experience

Lovingly branched across the isle, the ‘Jagro’ is rooted in family values. The snug restaurant makes a good space to catch up over a hearty sandwich, refresh with a pick-me-up salad or cherish a moment over a dessert.

‘Jagro’, strawberrylicious, perfect for a cosy chat…

Note: Business hours and starting prices are subject to change from outlet to outlet. Please clarify prior to visit.

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