Isle of Gelato

Step into a chilled world of flavour and colour when you stride through the glass doors of ‘Isle of Gelato’s’ flagship store, in the historic Galle Fort. A trendy, popular and delicately decked out gelato parlour that reflects the enticing variety of innovative and colourful combinations that instantly chill one from inside out.

Flavours abound, from your typical to the unique. Everything is fresh and made from scratch with high quality, natural ingredients. The flavours make the most of the delicious and plentiful tropical island fruits. Indulge in gelatos, sorbets and gelato / sorbet bars that highlight the tastes of cake, cookies, nuts, tropical fruits and scoops of favourite toppings.


Sink into gelatos such as, In Love with Cake and Cake So Cheesy for those who love their bakes and for the nut crazy, Almond, Hazelnut, Pistachio and Cocos for Coffee, the latter of which is reminiscent of a funky and fun homemade ice coffee, perfect for the more traditional. The Almond Mochaccino; a decadent chocolate gooey coffee caramel and crunchy almond praline, the Bacio; a mix of chocolate and hazelnut with Puttlam Sea Salt and Caramel Gelato and an old time favourite, the Mint and Choco Chip sprinkled with fresh mint plucked from the garden itself. Chunk In your Trunk; a chocolate brownie gelato with chunks of brownies made in their very own gelato lab and the Chocoholic ; a crunchy chocolate base, chocolate gelato, topped with hazelnut praline and doused in more crunchy chocolate for the Choc fans.

The colourful fruit sorbets are a hundred percent natural with no added colours or flavours, are vegan, fruit based, dairy-free and fat free. Try the Strawberry, Passionfruit Sorbet, Tropical Mango, Lychees, Mangosteen or the sweet and tangy Tamarind-coconut milk which will take you on a fruitful journey of taste.

For the playful, there is always the gelato / sorbet bar. The Honeycomb gelato bar; freshly made honeycombs coated with honey gelato and dipped in chocolate and topped off with fresh honeycomb pieces. With over 70 flavours, your choices are extraordinary.

The ‘Isle of Gelato’ caters for weddings and events with a vintage ice cream cart and cabinet that takes this chilled delicacy places.

The Experience

Feel as though you have stepped through into a fairytale filled with flavor and fun. A gelateria with a minimalist, fresh and sparkling interior, splashed with white and pastel shades with artfully placed seating, knick-knacks, ornaments and the occasional reminder of the fresh outdoors, instantly gives one a feeling of cosy comfort and relaxation with a bit of fun. A cool mix of art and functionality with no unnecessary distraction but only the pure enjoyment of sinking into some good refreshing gelato.

Note: Business hours are subject to change from outlet to outlet and listed are the standard hours. Please clarify prior to visit.

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Ice Cream Gelato Desserts

Starting price

LKR 400 Upwards

Business Hours

10.00am - 10.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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