Ikoi Tei

Sitting amidst the sumptuous ambiance of Dutch Hospital Colombo, ‘Ikoi Tei’ by ‘Hilton Colombo’ opens the gateway to the world of Japanese cuisine. Unlocking the secrets to many traditional and regional recipes, the Sushi restaurant specializes in Nippon style vegetarian and non vegetarian meals including Sashimi, Soba, Tempura and Donburi.

The Menu

From tempting Potato Mochi Dumplings to fun-to-eat Soya Bean inspired snack Edamame, appetizers at ‘Ikoi Tei’ are nutritious and delicious. A variety of cheer-me-up salads including Potato Salad and Tofu Salad are dressed in typical Japanese flavourings such as Wasabi.

Lunch sets served at ‘Ikoi Tei’ present Steamed Rice and hot Miso Soup with time-honoured dishes. Bento Lunch Boxes hold Sashimi, Tempura and the like, along with side dishes. Teppan Lunches feature grilled tuck-ins including Tofu, Lamb and Prawn cooked in traditional Teppan iron griddles. A range of gourmet set course dinners bring together epicurean seafood meals and decadent desserts. ‘Ikoi Tei’ also whips up immemorial rice-inspired dishes including Traditional Rice Bowl Dish, Donburi and Onigiri Rice Balls. Dig into piping hot traditional noodles including Udon and Soba as well as the noodles soup, Ramen.

Bask in a captivating ice cream experience with Matcha Ice Cream flavoured with Green Tea or Kokuto Ice Cream infused with Black Sugar. Get a taste of the refreshing Sake Paste Soufflé inspired by Sake, the Japanese Rice Wine. Or sip on delish cocktails and beers at the bar.

The Experience

‘Ikoi Tei’ blends a picture of a serene, distinctly Nippon dining venue. Intriguing prints of Nagasaki transports you back in time to an epoch when the old town was a colony of the Dutch. Wrought iron lights hang from tall ceilings, lending it a feel of Vintage. Stylized sea waves provide the hallmark, appearing on the walls as well as the menu, a reminder of Japanese food culture’s fascination with seafood. Snug cushions invite you to unwind amidst lounge music streaming in the air. Elegant cutlery and ceramic ware enhance the visual aesthetic of the experience. A traditional Teppanayaki grill hisses at the far end of the restaurant, with a small circle of chairs ideal for a drinking party.

A platter of Yasai Maki-Sushi Rolls. Colourful fillings of tomato, cucumber and avocado rolled in rice, wrapped in sheets of Seaweed. ‘Me de taberu’ - Eat with your eyes!

Title image by: Hilton Colombo The information displayed is provided by Ikoi Tei



Starting price

LKR 1500 Upwards

Business Hours

11.00am - 02.30pm, Monday to Sunday

06.00pm - 10.30pm, Monday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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