Hotel De Pilawoos

Entertaining the disco-loving elite as well as the city’s working class, ‘Hotel De Pilawoos’ is a small, all-nighter food joint with a massive reputation. Sandwiched amongst the close-clustered setting of Colombo 3, the open-fronted purveyor chops up many a finger-licking version of Kottu, a local street gastronomic offering made from chopped bread, meats and vegetables.

The Menu

From a hearty afternoon meal to a post-clubbing routine, Kottu sounds like such a treat. Luring many a greasy food lover, ‘Hotel De Pilawoos’ dices up an array of this exotic flatbread delicacy, including the Cheese, Dolphin Beef, Kurma Chicken and Mutton . Featured in the Roti selection is Egg Roti with Mutton Masala, Roti with Beef Palandy, Cheese Roti and Chocolate Roti. From traditional Rice and Curry to Biryani, String Hoppers Biryani, Sawan and Pilaf, hearty meals abound. Celebrating eclectic South Asian meat-prepping traditions, this popular 24 hour eatery spoons out Kurma, Palandy and Masala style meat offerings.

Inspired by Colombo’s love of fast food, this late night meal purveyor knocks up a range of Burgers, Hot Dogs, Submarines and Shawarmas, including the BBQ Lamb Burger, Chicken Cheese Masala Sub, Beef Shawarma and Hot Dog Sausage.

Chase your scrumptious meal with the diner’s fabled Iced Milo or choose from an array of Fresh Juices which includes Avocado, Guava, Pomegranate, Mandarin, Passion Fruit and Papaya.

The Experience

The go-to place for filling lunches and midnight gastronomic cravings, this nocturnal eatery is the scene of constant buzzing. From members of the working class who trade a note for a spicy Kottu, to well-heeled club-goers, this Kottu joint entertains patrons from all walks of life. Whilst seating areas are provided in the interiors, patrons can also choose to chow down in the comfort of their car, chatting blithely against a backdrop of a hot, starry night.

As you wait for your midnight Cheese Kottu, the rhythmic clank of spatulas that conjure up sights of spicy gastronomic mash-ups twirling on the griddle, captivates your senses. What a perfect finale to a long night of partying…

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Sri Lankan

Street Food

Fast Food

Starting price

LKR 200 Upwards

Business Hours

24 hours, Monday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

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