Green Cabin

A bakery and restaurant inviting in patrons for slices of delectable goodness with a side of cosy, homely ambience. ‘Green Cabin’, with its signature slogan of green, serves as a welcome step away from the bustle and into the culinary secrets unraveled at a well-versed connoisseur’s hand. Marked as one of the oldest establishments in Sri Lanka, dating back over 60 years, ’Green Cabin’ has positioned itself as one of the premier names in savoury and sweet in the region, a reputation which it still stands by to this day.

In town, craving for a gastronomical classic? You may want to drop in and scope the space yourself.

The Menu

A diverse menu of offerings: from scrumptious savouries to sweets and from beverages, hot and cold, to heavier lunch specials. Pastries, Pies, Rolls, Buns, Patties, Cutlets and Sandwiches, filled with combinations of meat and veggies, are a few notable mentions off their Savoury front, while Eclairs, Cupcakes and Rumballs slip in notes of chocolate.

Come lunch time, a curated culinary offering packs in pure, Sri Lankan gastronomy: tuck into the signature ‘Green Cabin’ lamprais, a combination of rice, veggies, meat and spicy curries swathed in banana leaves.

A touch of the traditional; wrapped up are local delectables such as Aasmi and Kokis while Milk Toffee, Marshmallows and Dodol allure. The Menu lays an exclusive focus on custom Cakes: a wide, customized range of baked goodness offer up Ribbon, Chocolate, Coffee, Nougat and Fruit, in slices or whole. Opt for a glass of a little something after; chilled refreshes come by way of Fruit Juice and Coffee.

The Experience

Strategically branched across the isle in varied outlets, from the commercial precinct of Colombo to its immediate outskirts, ‘Green Cabin’ is the ideal haven for a refreshing snack or two amidst the daily bustle or for a quick over-the-counter service for courtesy culinary gifts. Step into an intimate, cosy little eatery, where tall glass windows afford views of the city and wooden tables and a tranquil, laid-back ambience permeates within; amidst the company of friends and family, delve into comfort food.

Note: Business hours are subject to change from outlet to outlet. Please clarify prior to visit.

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Starting price

LKR 60 Upwards

Business Hours

06.30am - 06.30pm, Monday to Sunday


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