Graze Kitchen

Located at ‘Hilton Colombo’, the multi-faceted restaurant ‘Graze Kitchen’ showcases action stations inspired by Ceylonese, Oriental, Italian and Mediterranean fare; inviting diners to indulge in the luxury of multi cuisine.

The Menu

The sumptuous ‘theatre of dining’ sets the stage for the sounds and fragrances of many culinary spreads being crafted. Walk around and weave your way towards your favourite food stations attended by specialty chefs. Mix and match the greens, fruits, seafood treats, nuts and sun-dried tomatoes and toss your own salad at the salad corner or whet your appetite with pre-assembled appetizers.

The Mediterranean section features a selection of Western classics including Pasta and Pizza and a grill ready to sizzle at your wish. Dig into a variety of rotisserie style meats including Pork, Chicken and Lamb. Rustic terracotta dishes add to the Mediterranean feel of the experience. At the Japanese station, Sashimi, Nigiri and Maki style food is served in beautiful Nippon porcelains, amidst the fragrance of Wasabi. Be greeted by gold-plated metal pots as you arrive at the Indian Station and choose from exotic Tandoor cuisine, Biriyani, Indian street food items and Naan with Curries. Bask in the fragrance of herbs and spices as you treat yourself to Serendib Rice and Curry, Achcharu (Sri Lankan Pickle) and Jackfruit Dish, at the Sri Lankan station. The Ceylonese section also presents meat and seafood indulgences, including Country Pork Curry with Kochchi Lunumiris (kochi chili paste), Mutton Black Curry and Devilled Prawns. Wander through the East Asian aromas while tucking into Chinese style Dim Sums and Thai seafoods.

Finish off with Chocolate inspired treats, Italian delicacies including Tiramisu and a selection of Sri Lankan desserts featuring Watalappan (Coconut Custard Pudding). Bask in fresh tropical notes as you munch on seasonal fruits featuring Naarang (Sri Lankan Sweet Orange).

The Experience

‘Graze Kitchen’ is spacious and appointed in a fashion that invites diners to walk around, mingle and interact as they explore their favourite flavours. The servings are kept small, encouraging the diners to captivate in a range of cuisine, rather than digging into a heavy single meal. The food stations take up half the length of the area whilst the rest of the space is allocated for seating. Other seating options include private dining rooms and an outdoor dining deck overlooking the pond. Each station basks in a unique aesthetic which captures the essence of the part of the world it represents. From the bird nest inspired chandeliers to the quaint sculptures, the décor at ‘Graze Kitchen’ is intriguing.

‘Graze Kitchen’, from Pasta to Sashimi, Dim Sum, Naan and Watalappan; a little bit of everything…

Title image by: Hilton Colombo The information displayed is provided by Graze Kitchen


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