Grand Pila Family Restaurant

Located at Marine Drive in Colombo, the ‘Grand Pila Family Restaurant’ offers up all manner of Sri Lankan and Indian street treats, including Kottu, Roti and Masala.

The Menu

Kottu, the ‘Sri Lankan evening treat cum booze soaker’, is a griddle fry-up of chopped bread, meats and spices. From the rhythmic clang made upon the concoction being shredded up with metal blades, to the juicy and messy presentation of the dish, this carb-fest is the epitome of a warm and greasy tropical treat. ‘Grand Pila Family Restaurant’ minces up numerous variations of Kottu, including the Chicken Cheese, Beef Masala, Egg Noodle and Prawn Masala.

Intrigued by the fabled South Asian hawker treat, Rotti, this family-friendly restaurant in Colombo slaps up lip-smacking interpretations such as the Egg, Chicken Cheese and Cheese Egg Rotti. Scoop up exotic dishes like Chicken Masala, Fish Curry and Beef Palandy with Plain Naan. Choose from an array of Rice offerings, including Beef Rice and Curry, Biryani and Chicken Fried Rice. Pair up crispy Hoppers with the Male Fish Sambal or the spicy Mutton Curry.

Wash down your carb-rich Kottu with a zesty Lime or sweet Mango Juice, or the noshery’s famed Iced Milo. Those wishing for a chocolaty treat may partner up the Chocolate Rotti with a cup of warm Milk Tea.

The Experience

Nestled in the heart of Colombo, this Kottu purveyor is famed for offering a family-friendly atmosphere. Cleanly-kept and brightly-lit, the interiors are cosier than those of a usual open-fronted food joint. A television is mounted on both sides of the eating area. From hungry crowds rocking up for a greasy evening snack and families flocking for a hearty dinner, to night revelers dropping in as part of their post-clubbing routine, ‘Grand Pila Family Restaurant’ entertains a varied audience. The eatery also offers a takeaway service.

What better way to make up for that rush-through lunch, than leisurely mopping up a spicy chicken curry with hunks of Naan? Later, cool off with an Iced Milo.

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Sri Lankan


Starting price

LKR 170 Upwards

Business Hours

24 hours, Monday to Sunday


Fast Food and Street Food

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