Golden Dragon

Nestled at the oceanfront edifice of ‘Taj Samudra’, the ‘Golden Dragon’ dishes out flavoursome interpretations of legendary Szechuan treats, amidst a grand ambiance clad in blue and gold hues.

The Menu

Lovingly called the ‘heavenly country’, Szechuan in Southwestern China is famed for its abundance of cuisine. Inspired by its notable recipes, ‘Golden Dragon’ presents an à la carte menu bristling with fragrant dishes orchestrated with hand-picked condiments. Start off in true Szechuan fashion with Crispy Konjee Chicken, Wok-fried Prawns or Spicy Lotus Root. Indulge in a nutritious Soup classic such as the Asparagus and Crab Meat or the Hot and Sour Soup.

This Chinese fine dining restaurant in Colombo rustles up an array of colourful Dim Sum Dumplings, including Vegetable Flower Wontons, Prawn Hargow and Chicken Siu Mai. Featured in the decadent oceanic recipes collection is Garoupa in Chili Sauce and Wok-Fried Scallops with Red Pepper. The culinary repertoire at ‘Golden Dragon’ also showcases a variety of meat-centered dishes, such as Manchurian Style Chicken, Peking Duck, Sweet and Sour Pork, and the Crispy Lamb. Embodying the health-giving treasure trove of nature is an array of vegetarian fare featuring Black Mushroom with BBQ Sauce, Sautéed Eggplant and Pan-fried Kang Kung. Rice and Noodle delights include Seafood Fried Rice, and Hakka Noodles. The main dishes are paired with Chinese Tea to deliver an authentic Szechuan dining experience.

From delicious delectables such as Honey Darsaan and Fruit Salad to Western style afters such as Date Pancakes, the desserts at ‘Golden Dragon’ are indulgent. Choose from an array of Ice Cream flavours including Strawberry, Butterscotch and Mango.

The Experience

High-ceilinged and airy, the interiors of ‘Golden Dragon’ are clad in heavenly blues and golds. The main dining hall is furnished with bright blue seating areas. Those looking for a more intimate setting can choose to dine in a curtained-off private dining area. As you dine, traditional Chinese music plays in the background, evoking exquisite sensations.

Lunching at ‘Golden Dragon’. As you dig into a platter of Golden Dragon Fried Rice with Prawns, spicy Szechuan notes pick up your mood.

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Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

Business Hours

12.30pm - 10.45pm, Monday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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