Ginza on the Edge

From sashimi platters and sake wine, to the teppanayaki lounge overlooking the waterworks, ‘Ginza on the Edge’, nestled at the expansive gardens of ‘Waters Edge’, is an evocation of a fine dining venue in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Menu

Characterized by the intriguing chopstick etiquette, miso seasonings, dishes partitioned with bamboo and maple leaves on serving trays, festival specials like Osechi New Year delicacies, varied sake flavour profiles and tea ceremonies - Japan has one of the most unique gastronomies in the world. Wonderstruck by Nihon’s goodness, ‘Ginza on the Edge’ arrays edible-to-the-eye culinary displays.

From the traditional Miso Shiru and the Spicy Seafood Soup, to the leafy Yasai Sarada and the crab-strewn Kani Sarada, appetizers highlight quintessential Japanese dishes. Glazed in soy sauce, mirin and sugar, the Teriyaki collection highlights Chicken Teriyaki and Seer Yakitori whilst the Teppan section serves iron-griddle fry-ups like Salmon and Pork Steaks. Makimono platters serve up eye-catching arrays of Cucumber, Spicy Avocado, Mexican and Tuna Rolls. The Sashimi gallery hosts captivatingly presented slices of Mullet, Tuna and Crab Sticks.

The Gohan collection comprises famed Rice offerings, such as the Steamed, Garlic and Mixed Fried Rice, as well as, Rice Bowl treats like Chicken Katsudon and eel-fillet-topped Unaju. The Yaki Soba luxuries, including Seafood and Mixed Fried Noodles are flavoured with delectable garnishes. These main selections can be paired with Japanese-style curries like Pork or Prawn Katsu Karei. Top off your meal with a scoop of Tempura Ice Cream or order a glass of Sake or Shochu to finish off on a striking note.

The Experience

As with any authentic Japanese restaurant, ‘Ginza on the Edge’ sports an all-wooden set-up. High glass windows afford views of the tropical gardens, whilst letting in plenty of natural light. In addition to the regular dining area, a few tatami tables are placed on the side, for those wishing for more privacy. One could also dine on the terrace, taking in the view of greenery. This fine dining Japanese restaurant in Colombo crafts the perfect setting for intimate chats, as well as, corporate meetings.

Six pieces of beautifully hand-rolled Tuna Maki sit on a wooden tray. ‘Me de taberu’ - edible to the eye.

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LKR 2000 Upwards

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11.30am - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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