Gimanhala Restaurant

A medley of spicy, mild and sweet flavours cradles the diner in moments to be cherished…

The Menu

Located at the ‘Gimanhala Hotel Dambulla’, the ‘Gimanhala Restaurant’ serves up a storm with Sri Lankan and International flavours. Milk-splashed Corn Flakes, jam-jazzed Toasts, katta-sambol-piqued Kiribath (Milk Rice with Chili Paste) and String Hoppers create a delightful breakfast picture.

Warm Assorted Breads wink at one, alongside its tasty mate, butter. Cream of Chicken Soup enlivens you while Salads brim with appetizing colour. Creamy Dhal, Vegetable Curries, Coconut Sambol, Mango Chutney and Papadam lounge over exotic White and Red Rice. Devilled and Grilled food offer adventure for your palate.

Bread Puddings take one back to grandma’s kitchen. Chocolate Cream Cakes and Ice Cream whisk you away from the mundane. Lovingly-brewed Coffee and Tea keeps one refreshed between exploring the evocative sites of Dambulla.

The Experience

Located amid the peaceful, history-steeped backwaters of Dambulla, the ‘Gimanhala Restaurant’ crafts a great unwinding spot for the cultural traveller. The airy dining halls are pleasantly appointed, to relax the diner and inspire a good chat.

Sri Lankan rice with spicy curries and sweet accompaniments - a tropical lunch, at a tropical village.

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Sri Lankan



Starting price

LKR 900 Upwards

Business Hours

06.00am - 10.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

Sub Continental

Oriental and Eastern

Continental and Italian

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