Garland Café

A modern café in the City of Gems serves up a storm with local and international delicacies: ‘Garland Café’.

The Menu

In the Soup corner, Sweet Corn and Chicken Soup inspires warmth; Seafood Tom Yum perks your taste buds right up. Hawaii Coleslaw Salad fuels one’s palate with joyous flavours. Prawn Cocktails and crispy Chicken Wings wink at one from the starter selection.

Chicken Rice, Mongolian Seafood Rice, Nasi Goreng and Vegetable Chop Suey Rice are meant to evoke exotic Asian flavourings while hearty and warm notes shine through in Egg and Vegetable Noodles. Chunks of flatbread, cheese, meat and egg revel on the wok, dancing their way into exotic Kottu delicacies. Italian-classical blends with Sri Lankan-scrummy in Sri Lankan style Pasta relishes like the Chicken and Sausage. Sizzling Hot Garlic Chicken, Hot Batter Prawn, Spicy Omelette, Fried Fish and Devilled Sausage bring a sparkle to your plate.

From Creamy Caramel and Strawberry Ice Cream, to Curd with Treacle, perfect after-meal refreshments await. Fresh Papaya, Watermelon, Mango and Lime Juices are full of cool-me-down notes. Hot Chocolate, Milk Tea and Coffee invite you to linger through the evening.

The Experience

Nestled at New Town, this café in Ratnapura makes a cosy dining spot for those exploring the scenic, gem mining city. The modern, stylishly-designed interiors are appointed with comfortable wooden seating areas, perfect for family and friends. The café also operates a mini outlet at Kudugalwatta, Ratnapura.

‘Garland Café’; a cosy place of Asian relishes, amid peaceful Ratnapura

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Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

07.00am - 09.30pm, Monday to Sunday


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