Galley52 Eatery & Coffee Lounge

The ‘Galley52 Eatery & Coffee Lounge’ serves up a voyage of multicultural gastronomical experiences and is located in the heart of Galle Fort in the Southern ancient port town of Sri Lanka. An F&B that pays homage to the rich colonial heritage, within which it is moored.

The Menu

The menu spans across from East to West including a stopover of Sri Lankan favourites. The restaurant is set on an international course, through the realms of Breakfast, Appetizers, Main Courses, Burgers, Sandwiches, Wraps, Beverages and Desserts.

Salads crunch and refresh with the Shrimp Mayo Salad and the Watermelon and Feta with Basil. Breakfast hails the morning with Pancakes, Choices of Cereal or the Traditional Spicy Sri Lankan Breakfast with roast paan bread, dhal fry, coconut sambol and a choice of chicken or beef curry. The G-52 Life Boats appetizers of fresh cucumber shaped drum boats stuffed with stir fry minced chicken and hot basil, revive. The Local Man’s ‘Handala’ give one a taste of simple yet popular Sri Lankan ocean bites.

Cruise on Main Course with the VOC Dutch Lamprais, the Colonial Galle Biryani or explore the famous Silk Route, filled with tantalising riches, as you dive into Pan fried Bay of Bengal Jumbo Prawns. Burgers and Sandwiches are a treasure trove of mouthwatering flavours, such as the ‘Treasures’ Beef Burger. Stay on deck with the ‘Observatory’ Triple Decker Sandwich. Wraps roll up with delicious duels of Avocado and Feta or Grilled Vegetable. East meets West in a saucy marriage of Sides in the Hand Cut Fries with Curry Sauce.

Banana and Date or Strawberry Smoothies, Fizzy drinks and Small Island Iced Teas make the rounds. Milkshakes, Tropical Fruit Juices and Desserts such as the Banana Fritters or the Treacle and Curd are sweet showstoppers.

The Experience

The classic and contemporary feel that is mirrored in the interior and décor of the restaurant is inspired and birthed by maritime history. All around, one can glimpse intriguing trinkets and titbits of tales from a time of seafaring and voyages, similar to the rich and diverse culinary escapade patrons are about to venture forth on.

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08.00am - 09.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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