Flag & Whistle

A sanctuary for the ardent German cuisine connoisseur, ‘Flag & Whistle’ narrates tales of epicurean dining experiences. Nestled amongst the urban tropical setting of Colombo 15, the restaurant and bar affords a fine view of the Colombo Port.

The Menu

From fabled recipes such as Sauerkraut and Bratwurst to delectable breads and confectionaries; from festivals bristling with the best of brews and food to vineyards flourishing on steep hillsides: German food culture is the ultimate expression of gastronomic extravagance. Pairing Germany’s rich and hearty culinary traditions with good old Bavarian hospitality, ‘Flag & Whistle’ lays out an array of gourmet cuisine. Tease your taste buds with sumptuous servings of Crab Croquettes. Indulge oneself in a Soup classic, such as the Cream of Spinach or the Seafood Chowder and crunch down on heartening Salads, such as the 1924 Classic Caesar or the Grilled Chicken Nicoise.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Deutschland’s culinary heritage has been spiced up with flavours from Swiss, French, Austrian and Italian cuisine. Inspired by German culture’s appreciation of hearty meats, ‘Flag & Whistle’ crafts a range of delights, including Chicken Marengo, Cordon Blue, Pork Winener Schnitzel and Pork Scaloppini. Beef Strips and Lamb Chops hiss and sizzle, drawing many a pair of hungry eyes to the grill. The oceanic collection at this German restaurant in Colombo showcases Baked Crab, Darne of King Fish and Grilled Tiger Prawns. Lounge back on comfort holds and indulge in delectable veggie classics such as Vegetable Korma. From Prawn Napolitano and Chicken Carbonara to Nasi Goreng and Singapore Fried Noodles, ‘Flag & Whistle’ rustles up the best of western and eastern gastronomic delights. Dig into succulent Burgers and Sandwiches, such as the Colombo Delight, Chicago Special or Triple Decker Sandwich.

Finish off on a perfect dessert high with American Brownies, Fruit Trifle, Baked Alaska or Chocolate Bread Pudding. Captivate in a Milk Shake, Fresh Juice, Cappuccino or a Smoothie. Enthrall in a glass of Champagne or Wine whilst taking in cityscape views. Ease into the afternoon with a Cocktail such as the Cuba Libre or the Pinacolada. For those wishing to indulge in the more striking, ‘Flag & Whistle’ glasses out an array of Whiskey, Port and Sherry, Vodka, Rum and Arrack.

The Experience

Ensconced overlooking the Colombo Port, ‘Flag & Whistle’ provides the perfect setting for casual dining, as well as, corporate events. The spacious interiors indulge in a vibrant colour palette, setting the rhythm for a hearty dining experience. Rejoicing in a nautical theme, ‘Flag & Whistle’ features high ceilings, wood panels and charming furniture. The outdoor dining spaces comprise a beer garden and an al fresco glass floor. A famed spot for family dining in Colombo, the restaurant also offers a takeaway service.

A twilight rendezvous at the enchanting open-air glass floor. As you indulge in German treats, the silvery croon of flowing water keeps you spun to a dream.

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11.00am - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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