Embarking on a culinary tour from their tiny kitchen, the hosts at ‘Fazly’s’ discovered gold between the flour and the salt. Sought after by Colombo’s hungry crowds for their homely aromas and inventive flavours, this family-run noshery dishes out cosy home-made treats, including Burgers, Shawarmas, Submarines and Sandwiches.

The Menu

Firmly believing that kitchen holds the key to happiness, the burger artisans at ‘Fazly’s’ offers a mellifluous menu bursting with creative flavours. Their craft is an edible art, and into each piece they pour a little bit of love. From Cheesy Fries and Potato Wedges to Rosty Rounds and Crispy Chicken Wings, appetizers at ‘Fazly’s’ sound like a total treat.

Measuring ingredients like a science and decorating like a work of art, ‘Fazly’s’ offers up an array of Burgers, including the Chicken Fanan, Grilled Beef, Butter Prawn, Fish Fillet and Cheese. Lovingly handmade in American style, the Submarine collection showcases treats, such as the BBQ Chicken Pizza, Tuna and Tandoori Chicken Pizza. Generously presented on warm buns, the home-cooked Hotdogs gallery features the Chicken Jumbo Cheese. From the Chicken Club to the Tuna, Sandwich selections are indulgent.

Take your inner Arabian food connoisseur for a spin with a Shawarma classic topped with traditional Tahini Sauce, such as the Veggie, Chicken Tikka or Beef Shawarma. Soaked in seasonings, the Grills collection includes juicy treats, such as the Chicken Tandoori Kebab, Chicken Jumbo Sausage and Beef Kebab, each delivering gorgeous smoky flavours. Chase your scrumptious treat with a Fresh Juice, Lassi, Milk Shake, Iced Coffee or Iced Milo.

The Experience

Nestled amongst the bustling milieu of Vellons Passage in Colombo 2, ‘Fazly’s’ entertains patrons from all walks of life. What started as a street-side bun shop has now blossomed into a full-on diner with a loyal clientele. From cosy midnight chat-ups to post-booze cravings, this fast food restaurant in Colombo caters to a varied audience. ‘Fazly’s’ accommodates diners at interior seating areas, as well as, plastic tables and chairs placed on the sidewalk.

Nothing better than a burger from a streetside-haunt, after a boozy night-out. Tuck away while chatting-up in the hot tropical night.

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04.30pm - 01.30am, Monday to Sunday


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