Eat Right

From Pick-me-up Smoothies and Nutrient-rich Salads, to Health-friendly Main-fests and Low-guilt Snacks - each relish at ‘Eat Right’ bears the stamp of ‘clean-eating’.

The Menu

Serving up a choice of low-calorie, low-carb relishes, ‘Eat Right’ creates an escape from guilty indulgences, for the health-conscious diner. Deeply entrenched in freshly-harvested fruits and veggies, hinted with herbs, the Drink and Smoothie collection includes the honey-accented Banana Chocolate Smoothie, ginger-infused Mango Passion Energizer and the apple-meets-grape concoction, Power Punch. From the pure-veg, hummus and pita inspired Classic Tabbouleh and Barley, to Seafood Thai, Chicken Pasta and Fish Nicoise, Salads bring together nutritious treats.

The low-carb Topsy Turvy Kottu (griddle fry-up of chopped flatbread, veggie, fish and meat), vegetable stir-fried Mongolian Red Rice, Spanish Omelette, garden salad flanked Grilled Chicken and Pasta Alfredo grab attention in the main offering section. Egg Toscana Sandwiches, Tuna Baguettes, Seafood Caesar Wraps and Chicken Shawarma Wraps button up no-crime-for-the-waistline culinary medleys.

The Experience

Nestled in the heart of Kohuwela, on the outskirts of Colombo, ‘Eat Right’ shares premises with the High Octane Fitness Gym. From the welcoming name board which says ‘Eat Right - Choose Life’, to healthy-eating-friendly slogans beckoning in the interiors, the restaurant’s culinary theme is richly conveyed through out.

Turmeric Detox Smoothie; a bright yellow festival of pineapple, banana and lemon, held together by ginger and turmeric accents. Power up!

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