Doner & Durum

The Turkish touch.

Feet away from the bustling main road is a haven of Mediterranean flavours, born out of five friends’ discovery of Turkish gastronomy on their travel to Berlin: ‘Doner & Durum’. Aptly baptised after their in-house specialties, the restaurant plates up blends of Turkish and Berlin crafts, edged with a Sri Lankan twist.

“What is doner?”: drop by and tuck into what their trademark question is on about.

The Menu

A punch of savoury ingredients; lettuce, tomato and onion wraps up in your choice of Turkish relish; Doner, Durum and Burger. The Turkish translation being ‘to rotate’, Doner is a form of kebab, cooked on a vertical rotisserie, sliced into pieces and packed into a pita pocket. Doled into the flavour-packed Doner is garlic and tahini sauce and regular or king-size portions of Chicken, Lamb or Vegetables. The Durum wrap bursts with your choice of meat or veggies, is lathered in garlic, tabasco and salsa sauce and is accompanied by the all-time favourite French fries. Opt for a burger, should you crave for a Turkish spin on an American fave; packed between soft buns are either scrumptious meat or veggies and swept with Thai massaman curry.

Added menu features are bowls of Rice, with meat, salad and Thai sauce, a Salad Box throwing in servings of meat and Snack Packs, packing in meat, fries, cheese and sauce.

Desserts promise mouth-watering bars of goodness; be it the Magic Cookie or the Fudge Stuffed Cookie. Wrap up with a beverage of choice; Heavy drinks come in Passion Fruit Yoghurt, Mango Blast and Strawberry Blast whilst Light offerings glass out Salt and Sweet Lassi.

The Experience

Located at Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5, ‘Doner & Durum’ frames out a setting of cosiness, spaced out seating and intimate lighting, so as to bring out a laid-back feel for all who step in. Settle down on wooden, matte black chairs and take in the theme of red and white reflected on overhead lamps and table-pieces. Should a late eve dose of Turkish delights appeal, step in with family and friends and kick back amidst mood music and chilled-out ambience; ‘Doner & Durum’ invites to indulge.

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Starting price

LKR 450 Upwards

Business Hours

05.30pm - 10.30pm, Sunday

05.30pm - 10.30pm, Tuesday to Thursday

05.30pm - 11.30pm, Friday to Saturday


Mediterranean and Middle Eastern

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