Dolce Italia

Lovingly placed on Skelton Road in Colombo 5 is a restaurant deeply rooted in authentic Italian culinary traditions, hailing from beautiful Tuscany - ‘Dolce Italia’.

The Menu

From the scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, grilled tomato and potato treat, Uova Strapazzate and tomato and mozzarella filled Croissants - to honey-drizzled Seasonal Fresh Fruits and Bread Baskets carrying plain croissants, chocolate, biscotti, butter and jam - breakfast selections are full of savoury and sweet notes. Hot Chocolate, Coffees, Milk Shakes and Fresh Juices are meant to brighten your day.

In the artfully-prepared Mediterranean Panini, tomatoes and lettuce meet mozzarella while in Salmone Affumicato Panini, smoked salmon and butter run into tomato and lettuce. Tomato-inspired Toscana and mushroom-and-mozzarella-based Capricciosa Bruschetta are full of flavoursome notes. The Carpaccio collection rejoices in the likes of parmesan, cured beef and sword fish. Prawn Salad is jazzed up with cocktail sauce while buffalo mozzarella is blushed with tomatoes in the Caprese Salad. Chicken and Mushroom Soups are served with toasted, home-made bread.

An extensive selection of Italian carb-fests includes béchamel-sauce-brightened Beef Lasagna, minced-chicken-inspired Ravioli Ricotta, blue-parmesan-cream-and-stracchino-cheese-mixed Rissotto 4 Formaggi and white sauce kissed Penne Al Salmone, as well as, Gluten-free Pastas like pesto-sauce-marveled Penne Pesto e Pomodoro. An array of Pizza treats includes classics like Marinara and Napoli, as well as, creatives like the chicken curry treat, Pollo e Spezie - while finger-millet-based Kurakkan Pizza versions cater to the health-conscious diner. Mushroom-sauce-tickled Beef Steaks, honey-and-chutney-jazzed Assorted Cheeses and sautéed-potato-flanked Grilled Modha Fillets narrate epicurean tales. Strawberry Sorbets, Crème Caramel, Tiramisu and Chocolate Éclairs sound divine.

The Experience

Nestled inside a graciously-transformed house in Colombo 5, the ‘Dolce Italia’ exudes a spacious, soothing atmosphere, filled with Italian aesthetics. Guests can choose from charming interior dining halls and breezy outside seating areas.

‘Dolce Italia’, a lovely reminder of delightful Italian cuisine, in Colombo…

Note: The cut-off time for late night orders is subject to change, depending on the availability of customers. The last order maybe taken between 9:30pm and 10:30pm; please clarify prior to visit.

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Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

Business Hours

07.00am - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Continental and Italian

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