Coffee Rooms

‘Coffee Rooms’ in Rajagiriya, a trendy coffee house has taken the up and coming suburb by storm; paying ode to the aromatic and invigorating brew and all its accompaniments. Of course, it’s not only coffee that they offer, but delicious food, perfect partners to a beverage and an art inspired space, to hang out, chill, relax and enjoy.

The Menu

Kick start the day with an English Breakfast or a Continental one. Follow with a Soup of Roasted Plum Tomato with Garlic Flakes and 2 toasted slices of crunchy bread. Starters; the Hot Butter Cuttlefish or it’s a toss between the California Mixed Salad and the Caeser. The Vegetable Spring Rolls with Hot Sauce, Panini in a mouth-watering pick of chicken, tuna, prawn or veg and the Sri Lankan flavour fusion; the Pol Sambal and Cheese Panini, tantalise.

Main Meals; Hot Dogs, Chicken and Cheese Burgers, Fish and Chips, a bit of culinary fare from afar, the Indonesian inspired Nasi Goreng rice, the Italian Chicken Bacon Spaghetti Carbonara or the hefty Mixed BBQ Platter in a choice of chicken, chicken sausage, prawns and lamb chops are on offer. The Sri Lankan Specials; the Chicken Lamprais or the Yellow Rice and Curry in fish, chicken or veg satisfy spicy cravings. A Short Eats Platter and a Children’s Menu with Chicken Nuggets and an iced drink of Cotton Candy can never go wrong. Desserts, such as Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mousse or the Ganache Tart are divine.

Hot and Iced Drinks served by ‘Coffee Rooms’ such as the Hershey’s Hot Chocolate, Peaches N’ Cream and the Classic Hot Cocoa are just a few of the flavour infused drinks to savour. Hot Drinks flavoured with Caramel and Belgian Chocolate, the Hazelnut Frappe or Milk Shakes in your all-time favourite tastes of Chocolate Chip, Vanilla or Strawberry are set to soothe the tropical heat. Mint Tea, Fruit Juices and Soft Drinks the likes of a Coke Float await.

The Experience

Step into a colourful and inviting enclosure, revolving around the art of coffee. Order your food and drinks, sit down, relax and indulge in a space created to enhance your coffee experience. What’s more; a billiard room, to keep you in a competitive spirit and an air-conditioned kids play area to give mums and dads a break to sit down in a family setting and just enjoy.

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LKR 350 Upwards

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10.00am - 10.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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