Chop Chop Kottu

Headed up by ‘Gonuts with Donuts’ which is a fashionable bake house in Colombo’s confectionary scene, ‘Chop Chop Kottu’ entertains a drive-thru Kottu eatery at Castle Street. Inspired by Sri Lanka’s deep fascination with this exotic street treat, ‘Chop Chop Kottu’ conceptualizes itself around ‘Kottu-on-the-go, all-day’.

The Menu

From a humble evening chow to a fashionable post-clubbing luxury, the Kottu has made headway in Sri Lankan gastronomic arena. Concocted from chopped flatbread sliced up with crumbs of vegetables, meats and cheese, Kottu delivers a distinctive taste laden with tropical street flavour. Designed to lure every discerning palette, Chop Chop Kottu’s repertoire comprises selections of Rotti Kottu and String Hopper Kottu. Bask in the luscious flavours of a Vegetable, Chicken, Egg, Sausage, Crab or Prawn Kottu, paired with gravy. The Kottu at ‘Chop Chop Kottu’ is generously fragranced with curry leaves, to play up its Sri Lankan feel.

The Experience

Be it a pick-me-up lunch to get through a bustling Monday or a scrumptious dinner to take home to your loved ones, ‘Chop Chop Kottu’ crafts the perfect setting. Bask in a friendly and courteous drive-thru service and gorge on your juicy Kottu at the comfort of your home or share it with your office mates. Those hosting a merry soiree or beer-up at home can make use of this Kottu noshery’s home delivery service.

What better way to rock out of the stupor a morning’s work grind bakes you into, than chomping on a Crab Kottu with your best mates?

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Location info

Marino Mall



Street Food

Fast Food

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Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

10.00am - 09.30pm, Monday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

Fast Food and Street Food

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