‘Chocoholics’; the very name sends images of delicious chocolaty treats dancing around in your mind…

The Menu

Nestled on stylish Havelock Road in Colombo, the ‘Chocoholics’ creates a festival of chocolate-inspired delights, using premium ingredients. Churros wink alongside shots of chocolate while fruits, brownie cubes and marshmallows revel in warm chocolate, in Fondues. Banana and Marshmallow Sticks are meant to be dipped in exquisite chocolate.

Inspired by the café’s love story with France, Fettuccine Crepes are topped with ice cream and chocolate while Brownie Crepes are filled with brownies and chocolate. Vanilla ice cream and chocolate dance together in the strawberry-blushed Chocoholics Classic Waffle. Maple syrup spreads over Classical Pancakes while strawberry, banana and grapes delight in chocolate splendour, in the Mixed Fruit Pancake.

The delicious aroma of beverage offerings, such as Chocolate Chip Mocha Frappuccino, Café Latte, Hot Chocolate, Mango Smoothies, Chocolate Milkshakes and Strawberry Mojitos enchant one’s mind - inviting one to simply pause and take in the moment.

The Experience

Tucked at Havelock Road, this dessert and coffee shop in Colombo occupies a two-storey building splashed with different shades of brown. The wooden tables and cosy chairs are meant to complement the colour palette. Cutesy wall art adds to the artsy atmosphere of the café.

Chocolate waffles with your loved ones at ‘Chocoholics’… delicious weekend…

Note: Business hours are subject to change from outlet to outlet and listed are the standard hours.

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Chocolate-inspired Desserts

Starting price

LKR 700 Upwards

Business Hours

09.00am - 11.00pm, Monday to Thursday

03.00pm - 11.45pm, Friday

09.00am - 11.45pm, Saturday and Sunday


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