Cajun on Wheels C.O.W

Nestled at Bullers Lane in Colombo 7 is a seafood restaurant inspired by the spirit of a gourmet food truck with communal dining spaces: ‘Cajun on Wheels C.O.W’.

The Menu

Hailing from the Singaporean seafood chain of ‘Cajun on Wheels C.O.W’, this creative restaurant pairs up premium, quintessentially Louisiana style seafood cuisine with delish sauces. Creatively curated Seafood Buckets like the Just Be Shellfish, Poseidon, Lobster Dapster and Olympian that brim with combinations of deliciously prepared prawn, mussel, white clam, crab and lobster treats, as well as Yummy Combos like the Oh Crab and Insane Shrimp are combined with sweet corn, potatoes and chicken meatballs.

Served with pilaf rice or aglio olio pasta the sea bass, tiger prawn and oyster inspired Nice Platter is meant to be enjoyed by two, while the Fried Mushroom and Soft Shell Crab Platters are lovingly crafted for the solo diner. Turkey bacon-and-beef-filled Streaky Burgers and herb-and-lettuce-jazzed Prawns Rolls can be relished on their own or coupled with Cajun fries or purple coleslaw.

Sauces like the sweet-and-spicy Singapore Chili Crab, spicy-creamy Sri Lankan Jaffna Curry and velvety Cheesy Cream make scrumptious complements to the seafood treats on offer. From Fire Cracker Hot Squids and B.B.Q Chicken Wings, to Roast Bread with Coconut Sambol and Lobster Bisque, delish sides jazz up your meal.

The Experience

Located amid stylish boulevards of Colombo 7, this seafood franchise in Sri Lanka is housed inside a beautifully-decorated space crafted out of containers. From its eclectic seating areas which include barrel-style tables, air-conditioned spaces and leafy open areas to the vibrant, spunky way of life within the conjoined containers the greenery-shadowed restaurant really kicks off.

‘C.O.W’; the Louisianan food truck has arrived in Colombo…

Title image by: Cajun on Wheels C.O.W The information displayed is provided by Cajun on Wheels C.O.W



Starting price

LKR 900 Upwards

Business Hours

11.00am - 11.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday


Continental and Italian

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